iOS 17.2 Beta 3 – Almost DONE!

iOS 17.2 Beta 3 was Released Today it looks like Apple is Almost Done With This Update! Today we talk about the final changes next beta release date and official release date for iOS 17.2 

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👀 Source For iOS 17.2 Code Changes:

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  1. cgp100

    Hopefully this fixes the AM app freezing on iPads 6th 7th & 8th gen devices.

  2. IOS

    I'm fed up with Apple updates

  3. Elliot Williams

    One change I noticed since updating is that they’ve added photos to request access to your Apple Music Library so it seems to be Apple is working or tweaking some of the requests for app privacy.

  4. I like this video iOS 17.2 is slowly coming along December 11 is my father’s birthday is Apple likely to release it on my father’s birthday

  5. Cee Jay

    17.1.1 just over heating and draining my battery 🥲on my 13

  6. Evelyn Lex

    I thought they no longer required Wi-Fi to download only asking because I keep receiving an error message saying cannot download needs to be connected to Wi-Fi

  7. Evelyn Lex

    Question please? Do updates require WiFi now?

  8. neda z style

    Should I download it on my iPhone 14 pro? Really want access to adaptive audio.

  9. Martin Sinaie

    I updated my iPhone 14 and iPhone 11 and no issues at all 👏

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