iOS 17.2 – Final Version Release Date | The END of iTunes & More

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  1. zachman2095

    I will change to a Samsung phone if I can’t download music to my iPhone at least I’ll be able to download Music to the Samsung phone

  2. zachman2095

    How will you be able to download music from iTunes if they are killing off iTunes???????????

  3. usman ali

    What about NFC?? It was not showing up on 17.1.1


    What about the people that own there music instead of streaming it

  5. Dark Shadow

    Wait iTunes is going away, can we still purchase movies and tv shows in our media
    Library when everything moves over to Apple TV without a Apple TV subscription.

  6. Sakhile Moon

    Anyone please assist, how to turn off restrictions on iPhone, I can’t listen to music that contains vulgar language

  7. Uchiha Daniel

    0:52 why would I want to prevent great things from being displayed on my iphone?.. 😂

  8. Aaron

    What is proximity sign in ???

  9. GamingWithTravis

    What if I am backing up my devices on ITunes? Will I not be able to do that anymore?

  10. Robert Simmons

    I mean maybe it’s for the best cause a lot of people don’t use the I Tune store anyway. 👍

  11. Tadd Myers

    Only time will tell when Apple will Add the catch feature that they Talked about in the Keynote or what ever call it maybe they Add later it this Month.

  12. Frankely Espinal

    So how we are going to buy music or albums no more if there’s no longer going to be iTunes

  13. Chirag Rathod

    I am still on 16.7.2 iOS version on iPhone 14 Pro Max and can I directly update my 14 pro max to 17.2 final release when it is available? Can we do this rather than updating it to 17.1.1?

  14. -

    So how the HELL are we suppose to buy music?

  15. Joanna Sebastian

    I purchase movies and tv shows where are you going to purchase them you can’t purchase movies and tv shows anymore.

  16. Richard Carey

    Its about time Apple enabled internet recovery on all devices and removed mac or iTunes dependency to repair the software.

  17. E. Hall

    Where did you get that clock widget?

  18. David Bidwell

    We need the option of circular apps. Bit of fun keyboard.

  19. Jake Dunlap

    That is good news. Apple is finally killing the iTunes Store for good. It’s almost like they need to modernize everything even though having everything in one application was a good thing in the first place. I’ve been running the separate applications on my windows 11 PC without any trouble.

  20. KIDDO

    my phone easily overheated on 17.2 beta 2. 🥹

  21. Dylan Banning

    I don't purchase movies or TV shows from iTunes however, I still do purchase music. I hope that I'll still be able to do that. I actually prefer owning my Music rather than listening from a streaming service.

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