iOS 17.4 – Big Changes To The Ecosystem!

iOS 17.4 brings some big changes to the Ecosystem & we have even more news about the upcoming iOS 18!
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Apple have released iOS 17.4 public beta 1 with a new build number and it delivers new changes and features. We have many changes thanks to EU regulation that include sideloading and browser support, as well as plenty of changes to Apples Apps and some new Emojis. Today we cover everything that iOS 17.4 has to offer so that you can decide if its worth the download!

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  1. I can't believe ppl rlly consider this as a big update even when its not, and don't get me wrong with the generative ai a lot of different phone brands have that as well, this ios update is not surprising at all and it is quite disappointing considering that most phone brands are exceeding apple's ui.

  2. @jotafer

    New subcritor to your channel.Good content by the way.Just downloading ios 17.4 beta 1 for my Ip13 Pro Max.Later tell how it works everything.

  3. @skyze6702

    Does sideloading work or not? If so, how do you download them?

  4. @BLAKEEATS1988

    Lol EU keep flexing on apple like your not going to limit us if you want to sales sorry. 😁 🤣

  5. @la3692

    I hope it fixes the battery drain issue of 7.3, On my iPhone 14 Pro Max. It's cut the battery life down to a third of what it used to be😢

  6. @Alans63

    Japan is very close to passing their own version of the European Union DMA.

    If it passes, then Apple will be forced to let 3rd party app stores, etc for iPhones in Japan.

  7. @timwindsor03

    Thanks TT. Hope all is well. Keep the content coming. Hope you have an incredible night

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