iOS 18 – Apple’s AI is NOT What You Think!

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iOS 18 – Latest Leaks & Rumors on Apple AI & more!

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This Post Has 25 Comments

  1. @Shan_Shah

    I'm not surprised that if ios 18 support list doesn't change because apple has dropped 3 generations of device is a 1 year period which is un apple like so I wouldn't even be surprised if apples give the iPhone xs/11 series ios 19 and drop those 2 generations together and drop the 12 series with ios 20, so far I see this iPhone xs series and 11 series and SE 2020 to end support together

  2. @InimitaPaul

    If this is true Apple are actually F’d! They’re up against Usain Bolt with exponential speed growth and they gave him a head start! I will not be upgrading my iPhone 13 PM and I seriously doubt Apple have much of a future in the mobile phone space going forward. Apple just Nokia’d themselves.

  3. i hope they focus on more of the Passive Ai stuff rather than yet another chat bot 😕

  4. @engx3733

    apple needs to sort there bugs and abysmal, outdated UI out first before the AI shite

  5. @RJasonKlein

    Yet more news demonstrating how Apple has fallen woefully behind the segment leaders again…

  6. @The.JZA.

    I'm still holding out hope but if Apple does just use Googles AI then that will be pretty sad.

  7. @theloniousMac

    Imagine if Apple had spent the money they wasted on the car on a Tesla-like Robot.

  8. @kilik1532

    iOS has not been changed since iOS 7. I'm so tired of the design 🙄

  9. @_Ven.

    We already have that on Samsung.

  10. @c.daubz.5386

    5:12 figured this was the case, google ai still just internet search on iphone and Apple uses own Ai on device for Siri

  11. From a product perspective, I don't think it is entirely fair to compare MM1's 30 billion parameters with GPT-4. A 30B parameter model can me ran on many of Apple's higher-end devices. If Apple wants to offer its users a private LLM that runs on their devices, this would be a great model size. By contrast, GPT-4 and the larger Gemini models are not capable of running on consumer devices. This significantly limits the privacy that these models can offer end users.

  12. @IdealistINFP

    I cant stand the woke BS that comes from ChatGPT. Get rid of it.

  13. @IdealistINFP

    The sudden switch from the button up to a turtle neck through me off…

  14. @RANMANbg

    I feel like my privacy is torn from me by then going with Gemini. I have no trust for Google whatsoever and I hate that I feel pitted with nowhere to go.

  15. @user-ok1tz8wi4g

    Iphone 15 is an embarrassment when compared with S24, when AI features are considered, which visibly spooked Apple.

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