iOS 18 Devices Set, iPhone 16 and iOS 17.5 Soon

iOS 18, New iPads and Folding iPhone – iOS 18 Features continue to leak, macOS 15 has some news as well. iPads are expected …


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  1. @exley51

    Foldable iPhone… so April Fools 😂

  2. @EiskalteLanze

    I realised if have safari open and ur using the Tab bar and not individual tab as a setting. Then it bugs when you swipe trough your open websites forward or back with your fingers below on the tab, so the animation always hangs in the middle of it.

  3. @martezblack2291

    Apple really needs to find a fix for the low volume of text messages and ringer tones the volume is to low you can hear it unless it’s silent in the room or area

  4. @GadgetsPhoneHub

    The first 16 seconds is so annoying, my skin crawls, I’m disgusted. Put up a poll , man I dislike that so much , quit doing all that

  5. @SRQK8

    In 2009, I had Motorola Droid. I remember how it was when screen rotation was working. iPhone has gone back in time to be futuristic and now many apps
    does it and does not get back to normal orientation!

  6. @mattwood6613

    Apple TV + Aaron is my go to platform. I also use Netflix , Disney + , Amazon prime and a few more . I find keep returning to Apple for their premium dramas and films . I loved Jules recently, and slow horses , Aaron keep up the great work that you do . Looking forward for new I pads pro . I have 11” 1gen and M2 , and 12.9 M1 , so let’s hope for better upgrades soon 👍

  7. @Kev2000

    I bought my Ipad 11 inch M2 in 2022 so no need for me to upgrade. Will hold on to it atleast 3-4 more years. It's doing phenomenal and I have no complains about it

  8. @Leo-nk1ec

    I‘m on 17.4.1 on my iPhone 13 Pro Max and I can’t take audio recordings in some apps whilst MagSafe charging

  9. @jakubsimko8722

    sales are falling because nobody wants 60hz display in 2024 for 900€.. well apart from teenagers who want it just because its apple

  10. @Daniela-2208

    Watching on my iPhone 15, knowing I’m good for the next few years lol

  11. There is a bug in my apple watch its on latest software upadate.
    The camera view finder isn’t working at all no matter how many times I restart my iphone as well as apple watch ‘
    Apple watch is se gen 2 & iphone is 14 pro max both are on latest software firmware update. Can uou suggest something ?

  12. @deon.main1425

    Safari remains an issue for me, as it still not able to restore all of my current and previous safari tabs. iOS 15 and 16 didn’t have this problet.
    It only RESTORES the existing windows where it is currently in. I cannot select the (<) button to go back from previous searches. Did they change something in iOS 17 or it is really just been buggy?

  13. @FJA---

    Need a serious update to Numbers. The last on was over 5 months ago and it was mostly just fluff.
    Needs some additions to Functions. Unique is one that is very needed.

  14. @jb--2023

    Apple TV plus sucks. I did the 3 month trial. I watched 1 thing. It's not worth it. I find way more on Netflix.

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