Apple has been late to the game with ai, but they also have a unique opportunity to showcase what they have been working on with their AI capabilities and introduce a next level version of iOS 18 that could lead to the next big thing.


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  1. @LukaTheWanderer

    As long as the AI isn’t ideologically composed and openly racist and regressive like the Google AI or Microsoft AI.

  2. 3:58 iOS is by far the least user friendly interface when it comes to one handed use specifically. I’ve used iPhones and Samsung devices on and off for years and EVERY… SINGLE… TIME… I go back to an iPhone it irritates the hell out of me that I can’t put the apps closer to the bottom of the screen, put them wherever the hell I want, and how locked the Home Screen is. Also, it drives me insane that I have to swipe from the very very tip top of the screen to get my quick settings and notification panel. Android?… just swipe down. From any point on the screen. And it brings down both your notifications and quick setting panel. Much easier to use with one hand when phones nowadays are 6 inches plus

  3. @nauscakes1868

    As someone who's used an android phone before, and also someone who has a desktop computer. The reason you want the freedom to move your apps around where you want on the homescreen is so you don't ruin your favorite wallpaper.

    For example, if I have a family portrait as my wallpaper. I'll have apps on the top of the phone, and then on the bottom. But not in the upper middle where people's face's are. Why would I want to cover up faces?

    Yeah, maybe if someone uses the boring bullshit default wallpaper's Apple provides, but it's nice to move things around so you can see what you want to see.

  4. @nauscakes1868

    When I saw there was an AI feature added to Microsoft Paint, I knew shit had hit the fan.

    Paint has AI features? What's going on! I just wanted to crop some photos, lol…

  5. @Penskeeee

    Apple have never been first movers lol. They weren’t the first mp3 player, operating system, personal computer, smartphone, and now AI.

  6. @sgrant9814

    Siri needs to be fixed! It needs to answer our questions verbally without directing us to a web site. Totally effing useless! This business of "this is what i found on the web" is total b.s.! I can look on the web myself, i do not need siri!

  7. Nice video. Updating Siri will be good because Siri has so many issues. For example, Siri listens to iPhone users way to much. Every time I tried to use Siri, conversation with other people or solo it would act goofy especially in conversations with others because it take over the conversation even if it was in another room. I had to turn Siri off because it became a problem.

  8. @brysonthor

    Apple by being late to the game gets free user testing without brandishing their name… they let users get thrashed by other companies

  9. @p0p4

    the quadruple v dc is gonna be lit

  10. @AnthonyVella

    I just want one Apple AI feature that blows my mind. That’ll make me very happy.

  11. @Oddingen

    Expectations for iOS18 are unrealistically high. If we look at history, Apple iOS has not delivered anything very new for many years. They have tweaked and polished iOS – and that's fair enough. The iPhone works just fine. There has been no need to change the telephone due to new functions for many years. This means that consumers save money.

  12. @ShockerTopper

    Haha the ad for this video was for tax software. I was thinking "Wait, why would you two buddies need to file taxes together? Ohh..because you guys like your pork barrel sausage" haha. You can't file together if no one considers it a real marriage unless it's a man and woman, like normal folks. If you're not in a normal relationship, then you're in a civil union. Marriage can only be between a (real) man and a (real) woman though, that's common sense. People are making things too complicated by changing things; kind of like how people are confused about the definition of a woman as being circular.

  13. @11ThreeDoctor

    Apple and its employees are criminals according to the US State department WHO HATES TO LOSE.

  14. Always enjoy your takes on tech especially as it relates to 🍎! Best to you Greg!

  15. @miketorre16

    its not a bad thing that apple is late to the AI game, Let everyone else impliment it 1st, then improve on it. Im an Android user, might switch to Iphone in the future…..

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