iOS 18 – More Customizable?

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  1. @virgil_xix

    This presto device…..if you don’t think the gov can access your devices on, off or locked I don’t know what to tell you

  2. @stevey3100

    Looking forward to seeing customization with in IOS 18 bring everything they say they would and not release it with in like a point update they do every year that is annoying.

  3. @oaestrada7724

    Themes for iphone coming to ios 18 we call it ithemes and for only 9.99 a month 😂😂😂😂

  4. @chase0073

    Would love to be able move icon anywhere on the screen. This would be so cool, particularly if you’re trying to maximize your images in the background.

  5. @MarsheaDugans

    nice vid! my expectations are high… but I understand if they aren't met. That is usually how it goes anyway.

  6. @jamescullen6035

    Would like to see notifications come through the Dynamic Island instead across the Lock Screen?👍👍

  7. @lemm2021

    Look at that 15 pro max the screen size is huge Damn lol 😆

  8. @gavindiehl9699

    All android users do is complain like just shut up we iPhone users want it to and I am glad this is finally happening

  9. @lemm2021

    Great video I’m hoping iOS 18 is stable and runs good and adds some new customization and features and fixes other bugs ❤️👊🏽

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