iOS 18 Redesign Finally and iOS 17 Side loading

iOS 18 Redesign Finally and iOS 17 Side loading- iOS 18 is finally rumored to be burning a design change and major update to iOS. iOS 17 Side Loading could be coming in early 2024. iPhone 16 will be a small upgrade, iPads to get major updates next year and Apple Vision Pro is almost here.

This is the weekly Apple News update covering the latest rumors, leaks and new about Apple, iPhone and Apple software.

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00:00 – Intro
00:14 – Latest Apple News
04:42 – iPhone 15 Cost and Apps
05:45 – Weekly Apple Deals
06:28 – iOS 17.2 Beta 3 Release
06:44 – iOS 17.2 Public Release Date
06:54 – iOS 17.1.2?
07:09 – iOS 17 Side loading
08:19 – iOS 18
09:51 – iPhone 16
10:25 – iPhone SE 4
11:15 – iPads
12:49 – OLED MacBooks?
13:27 – Apple Vision Pro
14:16 – Conclusion

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This Post Has 31 Comments

  1. Anim Baroi

    Who said EU should leave apple alone? You guys wanna be iSheeps and support Apple even with their wrong decision?

  2. McLOVIN

    Aaron, do you have touch sensitivity issue on your iPhone 15 units?

  3. Benson Ideal

    Why do apple fine it difficult to bring always On display true software updates to other iphones …

    They make always on display a pro feature

  4. Ye Old Geezer

    Id love for a volume level for the lock sound. Its waaaaaaay to quiet for me.

  5. Lance Opperman

    I really hope they dont bring the 3d icons because ios looks better like it does right now

  6. henrique luiz

    Sounds exciting! I think with the amount we pay for this gadgets the battery percentage should increase to 200% instead of 100% lol.. so at least it can go long for 2,3 days. H8 when my phone dies no power bank or anything

  7. Richie

    I just wanna see actual, major changes in iOS. Bug fixes are definitely needed as well, but there are still many improvements that can be made within iOS. Idk how people can claim nothing else is needed in iOS when there are many more things Apple can do. Notifications are definitely overdue for a redesign for example.

  8. Horrific experience with the new iOS update since iOS 15 … consider moving on to android, next year after s24 release

  9. Cena

    I just moved from Android to my first ever iPhone 15 pro Max , so far I like the iPhone and IOS in general, but I am shocked that no one is talking about the missing basic feature volume mixer on iPhone, its mind boggling this is missing on IOS, Android has it for years and its very useful to control the volume per app, for example when talking to someone on speaker phone and watching a YouTube video and want the video to be mute, not possible, or when Bluetooth connected to car but not playing anything, simply listen to Radio FM on car (Bluetooth connected just for incoming calls goes to car speakers) you can't play any sound from any app on the phone speaker itself before disconnect the Bluetooth or switch from FM to Bluetooth source on the car console, its so annoying especially when sitting in for few minutes in parking lot waiting for someone and just want a quick scroll on TikTok.

    Please Apple make this happen and add Volume Mixer to the next release of IOS, anyone has an advice for me please?

  10. It's been more decade of same flat iOS 07 design.
    So glad to hear overhaul is in work ❤❤

  11. Ritaaj

    Hi there Zollo. Please reply.
    I updated my iPhone 13 on iOS 17.1.1 when it was released. At the time of update and after updating, my BH remained 100%. But after few days BH started dropping. First 99% then 98% and now couple of days back it became 97%. I bought my iPhone in January 2023. I don’t play games neither am I a heavy user. I only use it for youtube videos and video calls. I checked BH Shortcut and that showed Battery cycles of 254 and BH of 92 57%.
    I’m worried. Is a big issue. Please reply

  12. Nuzzky

    Few things that I want in iOS 18 are:-
    1- Ability to place icons anywhere on the screen
    2- New icon design and ability to resize them
    3- Ability to add more than 4 apps in dock
    4- lastly, multitasking.. I mean having an 6.7 inch display and not being able to multitask on it is crazy. I hope they will atleast allow us to open two apps at a time.

  13. Josh

    Apple will not do anything unless they are mandated to do so.

  14. BMT

    Scheduled messaging would be a big plus considering Samsung has been offering it for years.

  15. Katzi

    Apple won't radically change the way iOS looks, it'll alienate all their base users – boomers, tech illiterate, and other folks who can't handle any changes.

  16. ripjaw1212-9

    i wish they add theme options so you can go back to the old 2007-2012 design

  17. Always Right

    If they don't do sideloading in Australia I'll throw my iPhone in the bin where it belongs…

  18. Dev Mody

    the ipad 9 design is revoultionary and its pretty sad to see it being let go forever

  19. Jay Camacho

    Maybe we should see them letting us move the icons wherever we want them … I’m just saying

  20. Andy M

    I currently have the SE2. I haven't jumped onto the 3 nor have no plans for the upcoming 4 cuz the battery drains so fast. I plan to get a close newer version if the deal is right come Black Friday here in Canada.

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