iPad Pro vs. Galaxy TAB S9 Ultra! COD Warzone Mobile #warzone #ipad #samsung

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  1. @aps1004

    Because game is only made for ipads and iphones

  2. @aksshaysharma96

    For some reason, the quality is not as good in S9, but in real world, in most of the Samsung tablet, it runs better than the ipad, and the tab he himself is using

  3. @rockpap

    With Android it was an optimisation issue, i think it's fixed now as it runs just fine with smooth and good graphics, Same was happening with my Regular S23, Happy to be playing it on Android tbh

  4. They already fixed the graphics on Tab s9 it was a warzone issue obviously don't post incorrect stuff please

    Now graphics are high med instead of low minimum

  5. @LAFadhel

    I've seen a lot of people complain about how it's more optimized for iOS. What they dont understand is the amount of SoC, Resolutions, and Ram Variety from all Android devices. Apples' advantage is less, which makes it easier for developers. Also, Apple is the money maker 😆

  6. I mean ,a high end computer chip is going to be faster than a phone chip anyday , but gotta give apple the credit for doing so.
    It seems like the tab s9 cant show of the sharpness of its screen since the game doesnt trust it to run high graphics and high quality and FPS at the same time, quite demanding

  7. @omarcortes5754

    It's a shame that apps don't take full advantage of that massive 14" display.

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