iPhone 14 Full Review: Did Apple Just… Give Up?

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0:00 Intro & My Thoughts
2:08 Tello #ad
3:10 Same Ol’ Design
4:15 eSIM Is The Worst
5:48 Same Ol’ Display
6:47 Same..processor? WTF?
8:49 So…what’s actually new?
11:28 Summary

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This Post Has 18 Comments

  1. Jay White

    I’ve got the iPhone 14 pro I’m keeping it for at least four or five years and I’m so happy in Australia the physical SIM card is still available

  2. Apple has got so many people in its walled garden that they don’t need to do anything much to keep them and the iPhone 14 shows that. I think that the Pixel 7 offers better value for money but you have to give up on the benefits of the ecosystem. If I was in the market for an iPhone, I’d be looking at a refurbished 11 or 12.

  3. dariusdareme

    In Europe, iphones are usually 2 times as expensive as Samsungs. 90% of iphone users are using the standard Iphone 11.

    It was the best selling phone globally in some year. I think it's still the best selling phone in the world today.

  4. macchiato xtra

    apple have been on the wane for years now …… i think people are now realising that the phones are now starting to enslave them rather than being harmless bits of tech

  5. If Apple wanted to Really blow away the Cell Phone Market, they would come out with a Decent Quality, but Budget iPhone. So many people that can’t afford iPhone’s now would switch.

  6. Rival Warren

    I think it is not worth buying the latest iPhone right now I have had an android but I m changing to iPhone soon enough. But seeing this video makes me very disappointed. But if they just change the processor to A16 that would make some changes in the latest phone upgrade.

  7. Simon Fiveash

    Good review and this is why I use a Samsung phone as its cheaper and not a con like the expensive IPhone brick phone, hopefully people will wake up and leave apple but I bet they don't, the phone deals in England UK is alot cheaper than the USA sim only deals.

  8. TTN Network

    To me, I'd rather get the regular Galaxy S22 than the Regular iPhone 14, it just seems like a better buy for getting a normal entry phone.

  9. andyH_England

    They did not "give up", they just understand the market more than random YT creators and know that not everyone is a spec-chasing geek. In fact, the vast majority of average consumers care very little about 120Hz, split-screen, DeX, blah, blah. The iPhone 14 is what I would buy my 80-y-o parents who prefer the simplicity of iOS, and do not want all the bells and whistles. Is it great value versus an Android? Probably not to the geek squad, but to my parents, whose last Android went in a drawer a week after they got it, the extra cost is worth it, twice over!

  10. Apple thinks we all make money like they do, so why not only upgrade the Top End iPhone and make more money!
    Right Apple?

  11. Jeff Wayne

    I think the problem is that Apple is too comfortable, and they literally have zero competition on the platform. It's the same problem Intel suffered from until AMD kicked them in the butt with Ryzen, but Apple doesn't have anyone to push them.

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