iPhone 14 Ultimate Battery Test: 14 / Pro / Max vs 13 / Pro / Max / SE

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In this iPhone 14 Ultimate battery test we will show you how the new iPhone 14/ Pro/ Max, iPhone 13/ mini/ Pro/ Max and iPhone SE performed in our battery test benchmark.

00:00 iPhone 14 Ultimate Battery Test
00:46 All iPhones battery capacity
01:21 iPhone 14 Ultimate Battery Browsing Test
04:08 Browsing Test Results
04:22 iPhone 14 Ultimate Battery YouTube Test
06:21 YouTube Test Results
06:32 iPhone 14 Ultimate Battery Test Conclusion
07:34 Sponsored message
08:49 Our take

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This Post Has 38 Comments

  1. PhoneArena

    Do you wanna see how the new iPhone 14 Pro Max compare against the Galaxy S22 Ultra?

  2. David Fe

    Great video ☑️
    for hiking 3 or 4 days,
    Before buying an iphone. I would like to know how long is the battery life with gsm on, internet network off, and screen on standby.
    Have you done this test in battery saving configuration ?
    I'm interested in the iphone se, 13, 14, pro series…

  3. Nirmal kumar

    Finally someone did 13 pro max vs 14 pro max battery test

  4. Tons Prins

    Cheguei para fortalecer já deixei um super Joinha

  5. M C

    This was done with wifi or data network?

  6. M K

    U didnt brought s22 ultra ???

  7. I Am Xavier

    Where's the 14 Plus? Why no love for the New Kid On The Block? 😔🙃

  8. Danny Kim

    Wow did you guys just copy and pasted the 13 series battery results from last year..?? Theres literally not a single minute difference in the battery time on the 13 models from last year's test.. not sure what I think about this.

  9. Ash T

    are you cosplaying as steve jobs or something

  10. Quita Johnson

    Wow i think I’m going to exchange my 14 pro to the Pro Max. I need a long battery life


    i have an unboxing of my iPhone 13 pro max in silver on my channel. i think i'm going to wait for next year's iPhone to upgrade!!

  12. 사랑해

    Iphone 13 and 14 has sam mAh battery.. the iphone 13 should be brand new same as iphone 14!!!!

  13. Stephen Graham

    Really who cares about a phone, that is way more than they are worth.

  14. Gaban Z Potong 2

    The 13 lineup still score exactly the same as they did in the video you made last year. How come? Did you just test them using one version of ios then reused the scores to compare with the newer models with newer ios version? The way the test looks in the video makes me think as if you ran a new test of the phones together with the latest phones though. I don't know what to make of this.

  15. Gluby Snot

    Great video and thanks for all the work! One CRUCIAL detail is missing: what is the battery health on the devices? Eg: do the 13PM and 13P models have 100% battery health? We need to know this info and it should be divulged so we can understand just how fair of a test this was. Thank you again

  16. Edster

    But it’s the battery health of all the 13 all at 100%? Even it’s charge full but the health drops under 90% Isit still fare? But glad to know all the pro max all performs top tier

  17. iliyas baba

    i wonder whether older iphones were on 100% battery health?

  18. Zaker

    Wow, this is the best battery comparison Ive ever seen. Extremely comprehensive! Thank you very much for brining this to us 🙂

  19. Joseph de Sales

    Surprisingly enough, that is something different from other test. I wonder if a regular user will get same results.

  20. Warwagon

    I have iphone SE 2nd gen and I usually go to bed with 35% – 67%

  21. andyH_England

    Every test like this shows the 14 Pro and Pro Max matching or slightly beating last year’s equivalent, proving that they are not a downgrade as some keep posting in comment sections and Twitter. Some are simply trolling but others do not understand the symptoms of variation in their battery life. ATM, if you are getting worse battery life of the 14 Pros, this is because of several reasons, including, indexing on a new phone, iOS 16 being not optimised as well as it could (especially in standby mode), much higher screen brightness, AOD, the lock screen (people using it more), apps needing to be updated, bugs, and so on. Never judge a phone in the first few weeks, and if Samsung Knights keep posting that your phone is learning and will get better, then this applies as much to the iPhone.

    There will be differences though, in gaming, for instance, the higher frequency of the A16 means it plays at higher FPS and that means more watts/hour, so less battery gaming (Genshin and similar).

    Conclusion; the iPhone 14 Pro line despite the overly keen naysayers, has a similar battery life to the iPhone 13. The 14P just need a bit more time for the phones to hit its groove.

  22. Freaksz

    We need to know how much of a difference is while gaming too if its okay with you to test it out

  23. yassir hero

    please do gaming test on 13 pro max and 14 pro max

  24. ApplezToOranges

    I’m shocked the 14 pro max is better than the 13 pro max. My iPhone 14 pro max can’t even make it until 6 pm without recharging. 13 pro max would last me a day and half

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