iPhone 15 Pro Gaming Shootout: iPhone vs. Xbox vs. Switch

We tested Apple’s claim that the iPhone 15 Pro can play console-quality games. CNET’s Sean Booker played Resident Evil …


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  1. Rich Aesthetic

    What is the point of this comparison? The Xbox is essentially a PC. The phone is tiny, you can’t fit the internals of an Xbox into a phone. What did you expect?

  2. I never thought I’d see this day but it’s finally happened! A iPhone can compete with a console! 💯💯💯💯


    considering iphone primary function isnt for gaming, its still impressive that it can run a AAA game with its thermal limitations and slim form factor

  4. Hunter X Hunter

    The Switch version is not fair! You are streaming on the Nintendo Switch.

  5. BatakGemblung

    Dont want to touch switch? Really? Ever heard of Zelda, Supermario, Metroid prime, Octopath traveller, Dragon Quest, Monster hunter rise…the list goes on.

  6. Olivur_

    What about the overheating and throttling claims on the iPhone 15 Pro/Max? Any truth to that?

  7. Bruno Ribeiro

    It's a great start for the iPhone. It will only get better from now on.

  8. David Tuttle

    Wouldn't it be better to compare the latest iPhone to an ASUS ROG, a Samsung S23 Ultra, or a Lenovo Legion phone? Also, if you're injecting a cloud version of a game you could also compare the local version of the game on iPhone as compared to the GeForce Now version running on iPhone.

  9. oo --

    You didn’t even use metal effect super resolution nor customise the settings other than cranking the resolution up, this showdown seems pointless.

  10. You don’t want to touch the switch? Clearly you haven’t played Nintendo’s exclusives. Game design over graphics any day.

  11. Arron Cunliffe

    Why would you compare a cloud based game to locally running ones?

  12. DigitalDelights

    Funny how the less power the device has the better the games it has.
    (Power is nothing when the quality sucks!)

  13. Arist

    Please donate me Sir One iPhone any

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