iPhone 15 Pro Max – I screwed up! 🙈

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After about a month of use, I realised the iPhone 15 Pro Max was a big mistake for me. In this video I share why that is and my experience so far, as well as sharing with you what I think would make the iPhone 15 Pro Max better in future. I also answer a few questions on the video quality, camera quality, overall A17 Pro performance, battery and overheating issues. Did Apple fix these problems on the iPhone 15 Pro Max? Is iOS17 finally fit for such an expensive device?

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0:00 iPhone 15 Pro Max – Biggest mistake in 2023?
0:14 iPhone 15 pro Max – Video samples
0:35 On one hand great hardware, but iOS could do with some work
0:54 What Apple would dream of
1:05 What does Apple need to do to increase market share?
1:28 A bumpy start – but an excellent phone
2:00 Camera quality – iPhone 15 Pro Max
2:25 Artificial Intelligence 🧠 Or lack there of!
3:00 The iPhone 15 Pro Max has AI features, but is it enough?
3:30 How does the 15 Pro Max compare against other phones in the market?
4:00 iPhone 15 Pro Max – Design (too boring?)
4:30 Why is the smartphone industry constanly playing safe?
4:58 Titanium frame – A great move or a design flaw? 🥵
5:15 Crucial questions still to be answered
5:40 Durability concerns
6:05 It has a ring stand now! Brand new protective cases – Impact Ring Case
6:45 I love when a product solves multiple problems – Casetify 🥰
7:15 Drop test! 💥 iPhone 15 Pro Max
7:48 Promo code – 10% OFF
8:12 We need a change of scene – iOS 😬
8:35 An excellent platoform for apps – But it could do with an improvement
9:00 this time I went Cold Turkey! ❄️🦃❄️
9:30 The animations feel slow to Android users!
9:45 Not hating for the sake of it – It’s tough ❤️
10:13 The nature of using the same thing for a long time
10:30 Apple could take a lesson from Android in how they evolve it
11:00 iOS does have its benefits
11:30 The Apple ecosystem misconception 😒
12:00 How could Apple iomprove iOS – Let’s have a little game 🪽x🫸🏼
12:35 Productivity on the iPhone – is this silly? 😜
12:50 iPhone 15 Pro Max – Action Button – Exciting news!! 😎
13:20 How the iPhone could actually be more useful!
13:45 Display – iPhone 15 Pro Max 📺
14:10 This is not ok, Apple!! 🕳️
14:35 An atrocity on the display…
15:00 Audio Quality – iPhone 15 Pro Max 🔊 Best of the bunch?
15:40 Superb quality on speakers
16:05 Video quality – iPhone 15 Pro Max 📹
16:35 4K Quality 🥰
16:45 A small issue with video 🤔
17:05 Good enough for professional videos ✨
17:25 Is smartphone footage now as good as professional cameras?
17:40 Pairing up the 15 Pro Max with pro tools
17:56 Is the iPhone 15 Pro Max better than the S23 Ultra for video?
18:15 Over to you, Sammy – S24 Ultra
18:30 Obvious reasons for me – Display and Camera features.

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  1. Phone Daft

    Your videos get better and better. And I for 1 am glad I've supported you since you started. Amazing Video and production!! You really make me think with your reviews, went to O2 yesterday to get iPhone 15 Pro Max as like you I have up 14 Pro and Apple watch for S23 Ultra, problem is I can't bring myself to leave this phone now, I ended up walking out and sticking with S23 Ultra as I still really feel Apple is stale now, it really needs a massive overhaul like you said, untill then I can't see me going back just now. Keep up the amazing work!! 😎

  2. Randy Richards

    Face ID is the best on the market. No company can compare with it. As for the rest I’m enjoying the iPhone 15 pro max with no heating issues at all.

  3. Shannon

    There is nothing wrong with the iphone 15 pro max. Yes as far as tech goes samsung is putting out better stuff but the iphone is good at what it does. If you want a simple phone thats smooth and takes good pictures and video for social media then the iphone is great for you. If you want a phone thats more of a power house and can do more then rhe s23/s24 ultra is probably more your style. I dont use social media and prefer the s23 ultra but i understand why someone would want an iphone. I just dont like using them.

  4. P Rana

    I upgraded from X max to 15 Pro max and I love it. Brilliant phone ❤

  5. Still using my oneplus 7pro, was gifted samsung s21 plus ,one ui animation to me is still awful,dropped it and still using my one plus 7pro,hopefully this dec,will be getting the 14pro max,samsung should work on their gestures and animations

  6. Noctis Yic

    I like The Dynamic Island, very creative way to make use of the space. And it has to be there because of the camera and Face ID sensor?

  7. naresh lal

    Apple has minimalistic approach now…if u want to have more productivity u need Android….no doubt on that

  8. Adam Orellana

    Thank you for the Black Keys throwback! I used to love that song and I got chills hearing it again.

  9. Tonia Mc Caskill

    Ive carried one samsung and one iphone for a few years now simply because the iphone camera produces some of the best portrait photos on a cell phone. The s20 ultra came so damn close then in one camera update made it trash. Samsung has really stepped up otherwise in their creativity, wide variety of phones and tablets are sick with multitasking. I get by doing 90% of my daily tasks on a samsung device and 10% on iphone or ios. A real split screen for multitasking on an iphone would be nice. 🪽

  10. jeff yu

    The only thing I don’t like about my 15 pro max was the data signal. Sucks

  11. usachatnow

    The Dynamic Island will prevent be from upgrading. I’ll stick with the 13 pro max until they get rid of it

  12. Bruce Klein

    Apple steals a lot from Samsung, and they are still behind when coming to multi-tasking and other things still.

  13. Brian Stone

    iOS. Haven’t been hitting that good lately. And can we please fix the iPad and I just a new ones but the old ones how you gonna treat the one that’s one year prior to the M1 like trash?! Yes I do have a M1 but they lying is no way that they can’t do everything that the M1 can do with six gigs of ram

    When every other computer, I know with six gifts or even four, does just fine with multitasking and displaying video on the screen.

  14. GrizzlyBear

    160 comments in 10 hours. That says a lot about your videos. I love that they're chill, relaxed. None of that mrwhosetheboss bazzaz that makes you dizzy. And not too techy like MKBHD. Please stay down to earth without bs.
    chef's kiss

  15. Damn Alex your videos look like A1 Grade commercials wow your editing is no.1 on YT in my book obviously I love your reviews too keep it up mate 👍🏻

  16. Sergio Goncalves

    Awsome review. I have to say you’re one of the very few youtubers where I don’t just forward the video into some part. it’s not just the video production value, it’s also the quality of the “script” and the way you express your opinions! Great work! Um abraço de Portugal!

  17. Eivind A.

    Car Comparison…
    You've got the 2014 Gumpert Apollo S.
    It's fast, it's got ok handling.
    It's got a, powerfull and reliable Audi 4,2L V8.
    Overall, it's a good hypercar.
    However..it looks ugly as fu(k!!!!!

    It's absolutely non customizable! No choises!
    Can't even move, adjust the seats!
    Nothing whatsoever.
    And the price…💥
    And this is exactly what the iphone 15 series is!!!

    As Basil Fawlty once said: "A waste of space!"😉🤙

    And then there's the Pagani Zonda F.
    Looks stunning!
    Fast, reliable AMG engine.
    Quality and choises, customization.
    Multiple choices! It's just Superb!!!
    Priced high like the Gumpert (awfull name btw), but still..for what you get it's worth it.

    And that's the Galaxy S23 Ultra!

    You catch my Drift?

  18. Nabokovcoffee

    Proper file management, split screen is a must at this point.

  19. Anze Kralj

    I would love to have 15 pro max 🥰 So Alex if you don't know what to do with 15pro max i am the first in line for a give away 🥰🥰🥰

  20. Toretto


  21. Chris Bogart

    The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max along with the BMC app has been game changers for me. I was able to get both due to insane deal my provider gave me for trading in two phones (old Samsung and iPhone SE) that I rarely used and really despised. These have suddenly changed my whole workflow and streamlined it. In some cases the iPhone 15 Pro with the 3X is the best choice and the Pro Max with 5X is a poor choice when you are doing video work. Everyone has to make their own choice based upon their work.

  22. Toretto

    Wow 😮 Really Strong Words Mate BUT IT NEEDED TO BE SAID. BRAVO 🙌🏾

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