iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Pixel 8 Pro: Camera, Battery, AI Features

How do Apple’s and Google’s high-end phones stack up? We used them side-by-side to find out.

00:00 iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Pixel 8 Pro
00:14 What you can get on the Pixel 8 Pro
01:33 The cameras
04:52 How the phone feels
05:32 The displays compared
06:42 Battery life
08:01 Price and colors
08:49 iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Pixel 8 Pro: which is best?

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This Post Has 21 Comments

  1. Complete biased review towards iphone and I am more than happy for 7 years of update no matter I will use those all years but yeah. And those photos edit is just speechless I know we don't need to use them often but I love pure android look which I always use and that's why I am using it

  2. Complete baised for iPhone, night mode better on iPhone, and who even invented that thing.
    And iPhone being lighter because of titanium, do you even know how much body % is made of titanium?

  3. HouseofTEch

    I really like CNET and their smooth reviews. I would like to see a more diverse review from those who prefer Android because it seems like everyone on CNET prefers Apple … and again all love and respect I'm not trolling.

  4. CD

    Every feature that Pixel 8 Pro offers that iPhone 15 Pro Max does not have, or beats the iPhone is not a feature important to her. Seems like a very biased comparison. Seriously? Fingerprint scanner not useful? Whatever..

  5. Josh S

    Great review. Hope this tech reporter is on more videos. 🍻

  6. F D

    Comparison reviews are a dime a dozen. I would like to see a device's analysis, evaluation. What are the strong areas of the phone, and what areas need to be addressed and made better

  7. Justin Dufrene

    If google went “walled garden” and closed all their apps off to iPhone users and made them exclusive to pixel…everyone would have a pixel

  8. Swadaeel

    "ethical concerns"? Are you the creepy person telling us what you'd do ?

  9. Samer Jameel

    My favorite muslim reporter, I really love your accent and hijab

  10. nuyou21

    Damn! It's no wonder even more Android users are switching to the new iPhones. 😁

  11. Conical

    I chose to stay with my Iphone 12 mini yet another year

  12. joelface

    I'm interested to see what Apple's "spatial videos" will entail, because as someone very interested in VR, taking "depth" videos really appeals to me. I hope it's not JUST a standard 3D video, but includes at least SOMETHING that makes it unique. Excited to learn more.

  13. Cozalenko7 -

    Pixel 8 pro. Simply awesomeness. 💪🔥
    Love mine. 😊

  14. PyCoder

    I think she meant: "Thank you Europe for forcing Apple to use USB-C". 😏

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