iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Pixel 8 Pro: Google hit a HOME RUN!

Just how does the Pixel 8 Pro stack up against the iPhone 15 Pro Max?


0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Hardware differences
2:36 – Similarities
3:17 – Unique software features
3:48 – Camera strengths and weaknesses
4:38 – Lifecycle support windows
5:49 – Battery longevity and charging differences
6:26 – Which is best?
7:18 – Outro

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This Post Has 32 Comments

  1. iq300

    Pixel wow omg!!!1 i want it😮❤

  2. H. A.

    Google pixels are NEVER the best. They are far far far far from best.

  3. Adnan Alam

    Everything good in pixel except when you look at processer which is gayxynos

  4. Balaji

    Do you really think pixel 8 hardware can survive for 7 years

  5. nik maknojia

    It’s going to be $799 in couple of days as Black Friday deal. That makes pixel a steal.

  6. perper ikis

    Yes software is superior on Pixel, but Google is ignoring hardware too much during the last 4 years. The inferior chip has too many drawbacks to be compared with iphone or any other android flagship, unfortunately. And that shows in everyday use. Imagine this s/w running on Snapdragon. Now, that would be a device.

  7. Yes Pixel is killing it this with Android 14 making it top of line even with the Pixel Fold.

  8. deckhead33

    That poxy pixel going against the iPhone 15 pro max powerhouse? Funniest thing I’ve seen today 😅


  10. Stefan Oliveira

    I have a Pixel 8 Pro, while my Mother has the iPhone 15 Pro. As a Pixel user, I'd like the lock screen customizations that the iPhone currently has(yes Android 14 added some features to the lock scree, but the iPhone can do more), and the AOD on the iPhone can be WAY more customized than the Pixel. Also, I really like the StandBy mode on the iPhones.

  11. yamahaevo

    The only thing that I like with pixel is the colour rendering. On iphone the battery.

  12. hienho15

    Be real. I know this channel is bias toward the pixel but they are still fill with lots of bugs. Their hardware is a joke. Their modem is weak. Can't use a phone if you have weak connection. The battery is mediocre. Their fast charging is a joke compare to other Android. Iphone sucks in charging too but at least their battery is great. If you want to compare software then Samsung One Ul is way better. On the pixel why do I have to scroll all the way to close all apps and notification?

  13. Alberto Alvarez

    Since the pixel is about $300 less, I would say the Pixel 8 pro wins this hands down. Most practical users don't use it for hardcore gaming or editing. They just use it as a phone. And I can be the first to tell you that the Google ecosystem is very very good.

  14. Jon Paclibar

    I bought both and I can say the Pixel's swiping gestures is realy practical and useful.

  15. Mindwalker

    Android channel says it prefers the Android phone. Thank you very much for that, lmao.

  16. bzzles

    Here's the problem with the pixel phones (I've owned the 6, 7 and 8 pro). The 6 had connectivity issues for me and a ton of software bugs. The 7 pro didn't have cellular connectivity issues and was much more polished but had bluetooth connection problems requiring reboots all the time. Now I'm on the 8 pro and it inexplicably has the same poor cellular connectivity as the 6 and the fingerprint scanner doesn't work as well at my former 7 pro despite many rescans of my finger trying to fix it. I agree the pixels have the best software features but the inconsistent hardware experience with inferior modems, fingerprint scanners etc. is a real letdown. I keep thinking the next release will have ironed out all the bugs, which is why I keep upgrading but sadly it's not true. The everyday annoyances have driven me to strongly consider the iphone.

  17. Levi PB

    Too short. You should compare them in depth so we can see and value every detail about each phone

  18. Dante Bradley

    The Pixel software experience is unmatched in my opinion. I just upgraded to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and I still occasionally marvel at the software experience when using my 2 year old Pixel 6.

    Something that also bothers me about iOS is the animations and transitions when navigating the OS. The iPhone 15 is fast and the refresh rate is as high as premium Android phones, but something about iOS animations and transitions makes it feel slower than what it is.

  19. brandon smith

    Apple way better
    Google call features are kool but you not gonna use it like that ……
    It not as polish as my iPhone

  20. Tad

    Bought 2 pixels and a iPhone. The amount of bugs in the pixel 8 pro were numerous. Couldn't even connect to the car to make calls. IPhone 15, no issue. Foul ball.

  21. Fred

    Am waiting for pixel 10 pro then I will jump from my OnePlus phones and give pixel a chance. I have a tingling feeling pixel 10 pro will be amazing.

  22. Raj Varghese

    @google pixel phones not yet , not there yet……..pixel phones have a long way to go…….

  23. Derrick Yt

    Plus the Pixel 8 Pro is only $799 soon. It’s $300 cheaper than 15 Pro Max with the equivalent storage variant.

  24. Ryanlunzen97

    Google tries to copy iPhone like Samsung does more and more aswell.

    They focus on software and their hardware is just mediocre compared to other manufacturers.

    The charging speed, prices and camera hardware are not top tier.

    I expect 1 inch Sensor and 120 watt charging for this price tag.

    Also why no one is copying the alert slider like OnePlus did?

    I won't buy any of the big brands until they fix the obvious.

    Tbh the best looking Smartphone atm is the Oppo Find X6 Pro.

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