iPhone 15 Release Date and Price – NEW LOWER PRICES??

Could we being seeing NEW LOWER PRICES for the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 PLUS this year? Will the iPhone 15 Pro Max and 15 Pro get a higher or lower price too? Well we have a REPORT telling us exactly what is going to happen to all four models of the iPhone 15 Prices this year! Today lets cover over all the Details about this!

As we know already the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro and even the NEW iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to get a WHOLE NEW DESIGN in 2023! We have Leaks and Reports for the iPhone 15 Ultra, iPhone 15 Pro down to the normal iPhone 15 that I want to share with you! We will also cover the iPhone 15 Release Date and Price.

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I also want to share the latest on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the iPhone 15 Ultra Release Date and Price, specs and a basic summary of everything we know so far.

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For now in these videos we are doing the latest leaks first and a recap of what we know altogether about the iPhone 15 models.

I will also have the latest iPhone 15 Price information for the Pro iPhone models;

iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone 15 Ultra

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  1. Adam Silva

    Hi Matt thanks for the information about the apple 15 only thing is. I have an android and I really want to switch to apple because my android is very old and don't have the money to afford a new apple phone so this giveaway would help so much and I would be so happy to win one of those prizes i subscribed put notifications on liked.

  2. Rose Stines

    I thought that all the iPhones models were going to titanium body that’s what all the rumors are saying about them well I will wait until September to see what they are bc I don’t believe any of them I only believe what I see n hopefully get my hands on some Apple Watches for my mom n I


    Hi Matt. Its wonderful that they did not change the pricing for the 15 and 15 plus and yet we are getting lots of upgrade. I'm looking forward to buy the 15 Plus this 2023. And since i will be using it for online streaming, i hope that the front camera will be upgraded. 🙂 Thank you and more power to your Chanel.. 🙂 🙂

  4. Jim Hertwig

    Entry for June prizes? I plan/hope to upgrade to iPhone 15, probably Pro Max.. Probably chaargers, too.

  5. Shady Ahmed

    I could move to iPhone 15 Pro if it has USBC and a good improvement in the camera..

  6. Isaac Avila

    I am really excited for the new iPhone I really hope it has the lower prices because then I would be able to get maybe

  7. Sarah A

    as an avid android user with an ipad, im switching to an iphone soon. how long do they last on average?

  8. Brent Charles

    I have no problem with the price increase on the pro models, what would be really nice if they make 256GB the basic storage model. Then then the price increases won’t be such an issue for consumers.

  9. Andrea van Steen

    I think I’ll be buying the new iPhone 15. However I dropped my iPad Pro and smashed the screen and need to get an upgrade now as it’s not worth repairing.

  10. Inkquiring Minds

    I have an iPhone 13 Pro and an Apple Macbook Air M1 and will be looking to upgrade both of them in 2023.

  11. You make good videos Matt.
    Keep making this video’s.
    I hope too buy a iPhone 15pro to change with my iPhone XS.
    Greetings Alferdo

  12. pornesio parapio

    Loveee the pink, would love get it if it's indeed at a lower price and under my budget

  13. Kontra

    if they lower the prices I will be definitely be going back to apple hahah… I've been holding off for years waiting for the perfect opprtunity when to come back and this year looks hopeful…

  14. Keith Gan

    To be fair, tech and battery prices are known to fall exponentially and still predicted to fall quite harshly so it isn’t much of a loss for Apple to be selling at the same price. Too bad the pro max version is said to see a price increase

  15. Rahul

    Thank you sir for the updates and i hope they provide 48mp camera and dynamic island.

  16. OrbitalX

    The 15 is becoming one of the most tempting iPhones in awhile

  17. Theko Yenge

    I Hope It Will Be The Best From Everything Because All Of Them Are The Same I Don’t See The Difference But I Hope The Best

  18. RD48

    T,ouch ID is better,,

  19. devika H

    Hey Matt, thanks for the video I loved it. The prices look worth because I thought they might increase it. The colours also look gorgeous. This year I was planning to buy a pair if Airpds, I'm not sure what model most probably the 2. I would also love to enter your giveaway
    Thanks Matt once again.

  20. Michele Looms

    On my list to purchase in 2023 from Apple is the iPhone 15 and the new Apple Watch !

  21. Janindu Harry

    Hey Matt, thank you so much for the update, as an Apple fan I'm happy to see that all 4 models will be getting features like the dynamic island, prices are also definitely worth it. This year I was planning to buy an iPhone 13 and an iPad 10 for my writing and poetry work.
    Thanks a lot, Matt once again

  22. Albert06

    I plan to gswitch to iPhone this year after many years of using android. It just looks simple and fresh. Love your video Matt!

  23. Maria D

    Love your videos. They very helpful.

  24. m&m

    Bring back touch id

  25. Emmanuel

    I believe that iPhone costs are often a bit high, especially for the most recent models. However, because Apple goods are renowned for their high quality and innovative designs. For that reason, it offers a fantastic value.😊😊😊

  26. Roel

    Apples prices did went up dramatically… except for the in US 😡

  27. 2:23 Typical 😂American thinks world revolve around them. Cuz  have hiked the iPhone prices 5X outside US since 2017 and 3X since 2020 in India and other Asia and Europe countries.😢😢

  28. Izz Haziq

    i was thinking of buying the ip14 and now im confused whether i should wait or not

  29. MoeGamez

    Appreciate the informative video Matt!

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