iPhone 16 – OFFICIALLY! Don’t buy ANY iPhone in 2023

It’s an iPhone 16 Pro! Today I will tell you everything that is known at the moment about the future smartphone from Apple! Some of its characteristics may surprise you! Should we expect the release of this smartphone, or is it not worth it? How much better will the iPhone 16 Pro be than the current iPhone 14 Pro and the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro? What cool features will it have that might motivate you to buy this phone? I advise you to watch this video from beginning to end for all the latest information regarding the new iPhone 16 Pro!


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  1. Haleema Sultana

    please don't buy 14 in 2023 don't buy 15 next 16 is coming just watch 17 coming don't buy 16 then 17, 18, 19 keep watching.

  2. Anthony

    Next year: iPhone 17 – OFFICIALLY! Don't buy ANY iPhone in 2024
    2 Years later: iPhone 18 – OFFICIALLY! Don't buy ANY iPhone in 2025
    3 Years later: iPhone 19 – OFFICIALLY! Don't buy ANY iPhone in 2026
    4 Years later: iPhone 20 – OFFICIALLY! Don't buy ANY iPhone in 2027

  3. Rose Stines

    I will believe it when I see it bc I only believe what I see more than what I hear from rumors n I don’t know what to believe anymore but I want an iPhone with great features n great battery



  5. Em

    i thought iphone 15 was the last one and man u aint even gonna get iphone 16 now

  6. I’m currently looking at Samsung. I’ll wait until Apple 🍎 gets it back together!

  7. Goddamnyoutube

    iPhone 27 – Official! Insane game changing VR features confirmed!

  8. Mike

    Iphone 20 will be out of this world! 🌎🛸👽

  9. Mike Crabtree

    As long as Apple is forcing eSim. I makes no difference what they put on their phones.
    For those who require a sim tray. All the socialist forcing of eSim here but the rest of the world gets a sim tray. Only shows us that Apple is up to something, I’d guess it’s something to do with kickbacks from providers.
    I don’t much care for android but if Apple is doing this BS I’ll have to go to android in the future.

  10. Mister Micin

    Hi Very nice video this is the future faster bigger face id touch id continuously Maybe etc. Everything in plans of new decades in Next years who knows… 👍

  11. WB

    Man you are always wrong, lol

  12. Herbert Seufert

    It's a little bit boring:
    "Next year's iPhone 16 will be exiting!
    And next year you'll show us speculations about the iPhone 17 and 18!

  13. Luis Mera

    Nothing worth seeing, they can't even get 15 specs confirmed.

  14. Schomo

    As long I'm not able to see the display in sunlight in summertime, when it's hot, I'm not buying a new iPhone. The processor of my iPhone 11Pro is good enough for all task I want from it. The cameras are OK. The battery could work longer, but the rest is good enough.

  15. Ali Ali

    Do you think that apple will upgrade ipad with special software guided for it ?

  16. Bill CT

    Is there such a thing as 16 k videos…?
    All this next feature stuff is reminding of the old Steve Martin bit about continual sound enhancements of his stereo system…
    I think I’ll wait until the infinity ultra iPhone…
    Anyway thank you for the effort you put behind your videos…

  17. Andy Craddock

    Thanks for an excellent video. If I understood correctly this is for an iPhone that’s not even on the market yet. So you definitely know where the insider’s info is hidden.

    My question is this: How many people can Apple (or Samsung, arguably Apple’s main competitor) convince that they need to shell out ~$1,000+ every year or 18 months or sooner (by Apple’s preference) to upgrade to the latest, greatest, fanciest version of the iPhone? What’s really a very powerful, handheld computer that allows you to make and receive phone calls as but one of their endless applications. All the cool and interesting features that might be available in this future model would be nice, but how many people actually NEED such capabilities? Versus WANT the latest and greatest?I must be a total 🔲 cause here I am still using an ancient (by iPhone standards), Model 11 iPhone. But it still functions flawlessly and until that changes I will stick with it. I always purchase a smartphone with the intention to keep at least five years or more if possible. I know a lot of family and friends who do upgrade the minute a new iPhone hits the market. And they pay for it by going into debt with a CC or being perpetually in debt to their cellphone carrier, if purchased through them. In my experience the days of carriers throwing in the phone gratis as long as customer signs onto long-term, expensive coverage contract are long gone. Now the phone is a retail investment on its own. What folks do with their $$ is their business, and if they can afford it, by all means, but the people I know took on debt for the latest iPhone, and IMO that makes no sense. A smart, super camera is nice, but does the average smartphone user really need it?

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