iPhone 16 Pro Benchmark Leak – A18 Pro chip KILLS Androids

Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro is coming this year, but EVERYTHING about the A18 Pro chip has LEAKED!
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Timestamps ⬇️
iPhone 16 Pro Performance Leaked – 00:00
My Inital Performance Estimates – 0:14
A18 Pro Leaked Benchmarks – 0:54
Why is A18 Pro scoring SO high? – 1:52
Why N3B was a problem for A17 Pro – 2:44
Why A18 Pro will get a FULL core redesign – 3:54
I think A18 Pro will get a new core layout – 4:33
Why I think A18 Pro will get 6x E cores – 6:03
What about the A18 Pro’s GPU Performance? – 6:48
Why I think A18 and A18 Pro will be ONE chip – 7:38
Why this makes the MOST sense for Apple – 8:51
Apple has actually done THIS before – 10:09

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This Post Has 35 Comments

  1. @eclecticaro

    Let me Leak all new specs of iPhone 16 P……. "New Chip"!

  2. @braskabani8011

    Most dont utilize all that power. Maybe the top top youtubers content creator

  3. @CristiCroicu

    My assumption is this, for the Pro versions:

    Version 1: 3 P cores and 4 E cores, + 6 GPU cores with improved IPC
    Version 2: 2 P cores and 5 E cores (these E cores having much better IPC, and this would be the reason why we are seeing much better scores in multi-core scores) + 6 GPU cores with improved IPC

    For regular iphones, same as above, minus 1 E core and 1 GPU core

  4. @je5terc0re

    Android is 100% fine until Apple makes iOS not that stupid. God, there is even no Back gesture systemwide. It still feels like a minor update since early iPhone days.

  5. @37royal

    I hope this is true, I'm planning to upgrade my 13 pro max this year.

  6. @jcben

    This video reminds me of the exact same you made last year. The final product was a far cry from what was expected

  7. @ThePgR777

    It will overheat even more than the A17 Pro…

  8. @tallnrough68

    Doesn’t matter if it heats up and throttles right away 😒

  9. @kevman0610

    9310 in geekbench 6 multicore?? My M2 is not much higher 💀

  10. @yippiecalle421

    The problem with Apple and Android not releasing their premium chips at the same time means that Apple will be on top for a bit until Android comes out, then Android will be on top until Apple.

  11. @SvenReinck

    Nice German translation. As a German speaker I would say it is acceptable.

  12. @JOKER-bl4rd

    A18 pro: I'm God
    Snapdragon 8 gen 4: Go to you're room!!
    A18 pro: Yes sir
    Snapdragon 8 gen 4: Don't ever forget your place, this my f*cken house

  13. @Roardny

    On this channel Androids have been killed to extinction surprisingly they are still there 😅

  14. @beaumac

    It’s possible that Apple has been throttling their recent chips since they are so far ahead of their competitors. They have been waiting for Qualcomm to catch up so they could release more capabilities.

  15. What's the use if chip overheat… i prefer stability of performance rather than burst speed

  16. @Jetvictor

    Probably gonna be a bigger die size.. hopefully it won’t be too hot!

  17. @andrewhall766

    Any news of millimetre wave or mmWave 5G coming to iPhone 16 pro, outside the US?

  18. @od1sseas663

    What are you talking about lol. Nobody really designs their architecture from the ground up. That’s rare and it’s always specifically mentioned when it’s done like AMD’s Zen and RDNA

  19. @od1sseas663

    GPU still quite a bit slower than Qualcomm’s Adreno

  20. @69og

    same design for 100 years that's apple

  21. Yeah, but no point being so much more powerful if it overheats in 5 seconds, we need sustained performance….

  22. I know you’re doing this for the clicks but it still kinda bothers me. We’re way past the point where things will feel faster on either phone almost ever. You know that, I know that and any moderately techy person with half an eye for objectivity knows that. You’re talking a few scenarios where the difference matters and sure, for those maybe it's worth saving a couple minutes off a 'video render or something but come on, kills? Destroys?

  23. Well good luck to apple, as Android Snapdragon 8 gen 4 is rumoured to cross 10k in geekbench 6 and 100fps in GfxBench. The Mediatek Dimensity is already at 99 fps, so if the GPU isn’t at least 70% faster than A17 Pro at 64fps, I will be disappointed.

  24. @clintmiller88

    Porting old design was only way they could get yields this chip will be first 3nm chip

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