iPhone 7 Review – One Month Later!

Dave2D review of the iPhone 7 after a month of extended use.

White marble skin was from https://www.dbrand.com

Music Credits:
Intro: Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – The Break

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  1. deborah

    Great points and great videography like always! I can't wait for your Pixel review since I'm debating between the same phones you are, the iPhone 7 and the Pixel.

  2. feral cat

    Hi Dave! Could you give us the link to download that awesome desktop wallpaper? 😀

  3. ferdinand he

    What I was thinking you should to doing on time of Honor Magic.

  4. Jordan Hayletts

    Is it weird that his sink setup is the only thing wowed me during the video

  5. Samuel Darmento

    I love the intro music and the overall feel of your videos. You got yourself a new subscriber!

  6. Jacob León

    Thanks for the review! Sticking with 6s+ for now. Pixel review coming soon???

  7. gumgum99

    The back of that iphone 7 looks a bit different from the default choices. May I ask what color/version of iphone 7 is that?

  8. Jackson

    Just a heads up this video is in your laptop playlist

  9. Hi Dave, I really enjoyed how you do your reviews.. They are very informative and very helpful for the viewers.. Though I'm not sure if you can read this and I'm not sure if my request will be possible but I hope you can do a review for oppo f3 plus.. I'm currently using iphone 5c and I want to try an android phone. What makes me interested with oppo f3 plus is its battery capacity which is 4000mah and camera also but i hope u can compare it with other phones with regards to other stuff.. They say honor8 and vivo5 is comparable to it or better? I hope you can help me choose which phone is better.. Or if you can suggest any good phone with the price range of oppo f3 plus that would be great! 😊 thank you so much in advance and thank you so much for reading my comment.. 😊

  10. FabrianoYUI

    Watching this on my 7+
    It's 11:30pm and my battery is at 60%, unplugged at 7:30am, on headphone for 6.5 hours and did some light browsing all day long, amazing battery life!

  11. blackcatooow

    I really like positive reviews. iPhones. Galaxies (not worth a penny) Sony. Google (amazing pixel phone) all deserve good reviews. And you won't have cancer in the comments.

  12. AL

    Like for "WASTED" 🙂

  13. Stephen Sanchez

    have you heard of anyone having problems with the new update in IOS 10.3.2 i have the iPhone 6s plus 64gb AT&T and when I did the update my iphone stays in mute and the screen shows the mute going on and off. i got a hold of apple and they said they never heard of this but they had me ck all sitting and they ck out ok so they had me do a backup on iTunes which took a long time so the next day they call me and we went back on iTunes to make sure that my iphone got back up which it was but I couldn't ck to see if it got all my photos and videos they said i will not be able to see because of privacy policy terms they say i need to plug my iphone to my lab top and download the pics and videos to a disc or hard drive. dave2d any ideas can you help me out.

  14. Vipin Xalxo

    I just love the back d brand skin love the laptop review

  15. Waseem Khan

    Desktop Wallpaper Download: (Can't link this yet. Will update soon.)

  16. SeaStar

    10 months of use on my iPhone 7 and it's still awesome. battery last me 2 day because i'm mostly on my iPad mini. Water resistant and stereo speakers is a must for me. Never buying another without those features.

  17. LiNingAir

    What's your favourite colour of the iPhone 7?

  18. The Nextgen

    Hey guys if you love to game and love to know about tech then plz subscribe to my channel

  19. Adam Macias

    I thought it was weird how slow the multitasking looked on this video with the iPhone 7. Kind of reminds me of what it feels like using the iPad Pro and then checking out a iPhone SE.

  20. Arpan Roy

    which phone should I go for
    iPhone 7 plus or google pixel 2 xl….pls somebody help me

  21. Pemuda

    the pumpkin field video is so cute! lol

  22. Lauren Middleton

    Met Dave in a Airport in NYC back in 2017 and told him i appreciated his work.. i don't think he was use to a girl recognizing him.. lol. I didnt realize he's 6'1. I figured he was short…

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