iPhone 8 – Why Did Apple Even Make This?

Dave2D review of the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Is wireless charging really worth it? Should you wait for the iPhone X?
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  1. Dave2D

    With the worst screen-to-body ratio on the market, it's time for the extra T H I C C bezels to end. Thanks for watching!

  2. Ajelandro

    Dave! i'm thinking on switching from android to apple, most specifically from a moto g5 to an iphone 8 or 8+ (that is too damn big and the X too expensive) do you think that is worth the change? should i wait for this year apple's event or look for something else in the market rn?

    Thank you for the amazing content! greetings from Chile.

  3. Andrej Jovanovic

    I do love Apple and I always loved them especially with Steve Jobs era but man, i hate they are so late to everything. Why cant they change their design which year in a row. I know there is iPhone X but still they put out this old ass looking phone, my 300$ Xiaomi mi 5 from 2-3 years is looking more modern…

  4. Devara FT

    Fast forward to now and iPhone 8 is outselling Samsung S9, P20 pro, and even iPhone X.

  5. naveen can

    Plugung your phone is hard 😏 1st world problems

  6. Scayron

    says doesn't take photos much… then says the camera is one of his most important features on the phone…

  7. terrry

    for people who wanted the same old design but close specs to the x while saving money. there you go davey

  8. They exist for people who don’t want to pay half their bank account dumbnut, u gud tho

  9. vishaldaboss

    buys both versions of the phone and says its a bad investment

  10. completely disagree with you Dave. Home buttons are the best thing you can have on a phone. having an intangible one on your screen or not having one at all is the worst. I'm a human, not a robot.

  11. For me, I got the iPhone 8 mainly because my Samsung 6s is spoiled after 2 years of owning it. I didn't need a phone that is as expensive as a normal notebook to serve my basic functions. I just need a phone to text, play games occasionally and call. Plus, I'm a student so my budget is obviously not high enough to include a iPhone X as a new phone.

    Maybe if you thought more about students wanting to get a new phone, you might think about the reason why Apple made the phone to begin with; not to compete with the sales of iPhone X, but to make the phone available for students and people with lower budgets as well.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh, no offense, I love Dave but this video kinda ticked me off…

  12. Ugly Penguin

    Watching this on my iPhone 8… I really don’t mind the thicc bezels, as I really don’t like the notch. I’ll definitely upgrade once they put the camera behind the screen, but for now it works great for what I want. Oh and it didn’t cost as much as my computer.

  13. Nickname

    These phones are existing because not everybody wanted to spend a 1000 on a X

  14. C W

    Watching a vid about a discontinued phone from my iPhone 8 Plus in 2020 😬

  15. Ernar Jandos

    Now we have an answer: To use it as a template of the 2nd gen SE

  16. Seeing this in 2021 and laughing when he said if the phone supports fast charging the company packs adapter with it while apple removed the whole adapter lol😂

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