iPhone X + iPhone 8 – First Impressions!

Review coming soon but these are my initial thoughts on the new Apple iPhone 8, iPhone X and Apple Watch from the event today.

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  1. Dave2D

    Who's dropping a thousand bucks for an X? That price tag is nuts.

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Andy f18

    I think the reason people like iphone is, and this is from an android fan because

    1. the software is not as glitchy, cleaner and much more optimized-speed
    2.The Apple ecosystem works very well(air pods, iPad, mac books etc)
    3. Its much more simple and predictable

    Now I know the new iPhones are not that innovative and way too expensive but for someone who always uses apple, I can understand why they like the iPhone.

  3. Amer Azim

    I love how people get fooled by apple just like that

  4. M1LAN

    after 5 yearsis the iphone a stupid cheap iphone and slow

  5. Ryujin

    Where did you get the wallpaper for your tv?

  6. Jers N

    iPhone X is more expensive than my desktop PC which is just less 1000$ when I bought it.

  7. Jessica Agriani

    Reasons why I visit Dave's channel:
    1. Great reviews
    2. Sleek thumbnails
    3. Cool desktop wallpapers

  8. Ratul Shaw

    The link to the wallpaper on that monitor would be pretty nice.

  9. Drobo Stoko

    Hey Dave, huge fan here keep up with the good videos! Not long ago, me and my dad had this argument :
    He says buying expensive phone for the camera is throwing money in the bin since i can buy very cheap digital camera for like 100$aud like Nikon A10 and will crush iphone x costing over 1700$ aud. He said for that money you can buy tablet, laptop, digital camera and 250$ chinese phone like le pro 3 elite for 220 $ aud camera for 110$ aud tablet tab 3 for 170$ and dell 7567 for 1100$aud same price as iphone x.

    Can you prove that iphone x / google xl / samsung note 9 is better then nikon a10? Much appreciated

  10. Avarosa

    1.3k brainwashed iSheeps have disliked this video.

  11. joon

    They shoudof done something with the design of iphone 8 . So sloppy and lazy engineering .

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