iPhone XR – Better Than It Seems

Before my iPhone XR review, here are some early thoughts on the best value smartphone from Apple.
$500 Samsung S9 – https://amzn.to/2xMR3C6

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  1. endou

    i got the iphone xr im so happy…

  2. Sasha Winnie

    This review is a good consolation for those who bought the XR. It's a good phone but is it worth it? Unless you're really into iOS, any logical tech person will suggest a better phone and still leaves you a couple of hundred bucks to spare.

  3. camXmile

    What a bunch of bs :facepalm: 0:56 wrong, they cut production 30 something per cent and boosted production of 8 and X (not the XS). 3:45 SE was, and it wasn't that long ago. 4:12 oh stop it, all wrong: face id – don't care, touch id is fine, not to mention that Apple should've implemented voice id years ago, 4:22 thin? man this shlt is t h i c c and the ugly notch yack. 4:24 camera is not as good as X or 7 and 8 double cameras.

  4. CarlHeinxMarx

    great video. i am looking into the XR if I find the financials. mainly a wholesome decision even though even better specs is out there at that range.

  5. Wall-e

    Dave. Please don't do it. Just don't.

  6. nana51427ify

    而且性價比這麼高的手機 小資女咬著牙也可以買 然後撐個2or3年再換~!

  7. pokk700

    These android fanboy comments are truly baffling. Not only can you not say ANYTHING even slightly bad about an android phone, especially the Note 9, which has the largest toxic fan base, but if you make a video on an Apple product without absolutely slamming them, they call bias and get butthurt.

  8. No, no no.
    First of all, stop. Stop stop and stop.
    First of all. Who puts a 820p display on a 750 dollar phone? It doesn't HAVE to be OLED but it AT LEAST has to be 1080p.
    Now on the market, it is obvious the S9+ is the better phone. Or if you want a budget flagship, go for OnePlus or wait for Google's Pixel 3 Lite.

  9. Foxy

    How did you got payed by apple 🍎😂😂😂🙈✅

  10. bright eyes

    apple are the rolex of phone's it's the build and materials used that make them that much, samsung build there phones to fast and feel to plasticy 750 dollars is wright for the xr people bitch a bout it then don't buy it simple buy a samsung job done it's not all about the lcd it's the phone your talking a bout the make , its like wanting rolex watch for peanuts not going to happen

  11. Eeet

    pixel density is life!!

  12. Sai Deepak

    Xr 👌 the best iphone with great BATTERY life👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  13. I have to disagree. At least partially, it is a decent phone, but still costs an eye watering $750. Despite that, it uses a measly, sub standard LCD panel and mediocre battery life.

  14. Hi Dave, gotta question, can I charge my iPhone Xr using the charging brick from my MacBook pro provided I have the right dongle/adapter, will it be able to fast charge the phone?

  15. alex safir

    Really better???i had this phone 2 weeks and i give it back because i can t even see a video or a movie on him,look horror .bealive me you will see that low resolution for 750 dollars in 2019😂😂😂

  16. Leo Wang

    yeah but this phone goes for 1299 in aus, i still bought it but the second i bought it i saw the s10e going for only 999 and i kinda regret buying the iphone xr.

  17. AlienTitiMilk

    The amount of people bashing the phone for having a 1080p display is retarded a phone isnt a display sure the S9 may have 1080p display but does it have the best mobile processor does it have 3800MAH battery does it have one of the best cameras in the industry and not to mention look at the display are you telling me that iPhone XRs display is trash if you think that then you should probably go see what kind of 1080p display 300 bucks will get you on the phone market

  18. Julian

    "you're getting a new form factor that looks like the new generation of iphones."
    exactly the problem

  19. w wyborn

    god damn , what a bunch of butt hurt android snow flakes XD

  20. Filip Papoušek

    iPhone X or XR in 2019 if i would go buy right Now?
    Which i should choose

  21. Vinay Verma

    So as per current analysis on XR.. Dave was right🤘

  22. TheEaGle AsSaSin

    Watching this on my xr
    I was going to buy the 11 but the thing is the differences between the 11 and xr are some small ram boost on the 11 and obviously the cam that’s it
    Xr give you the apple experience and I doesn’t make you go broke

  23. ashh

    I have an xr honestly the screen is perfectly fine and it runs very well

  24. Varun Soni

    It's been 2 years and I still want to own a blue iPhone XR badly

  25. Joseph Vella

    But yet when you were talking about the iPhone 11 and xr you said their 828p screens were fine and the average user wouldn't notice…..

  26. riku

    the lowest rated dave2d video :p

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