iPhone XS Max – I’m not Switching

Dave2D review and camera test of the iPhone XS and XS Max – the best smartphone from Apple.
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  1. Dave2D

    This is the first year I've skipped on the iPhone. Still a great phone but not worth the $$ for me. Thanks for watching!

  2. Klaus Heinz

    You bought every iphone from 3GS to X. You are officially an isheep 😅

  3. Mr. Thinker

    I have upgraded my phone from iPhone 6 (which is still working fine until I accidentally broke it) to IPhone Xs Max…… and I can say that it has a huge difference in its performance, it's even easier and faster to use with their 3D Touch feature …………. so if you have a really old generation of iPhone, I would recommend upgrading it, but not from IPhone X (unless you want to have a bigger phone. And has lot of money. But I will still judge you 😅)

  4. Peter D

    I’m still using my iPhone 7plus and I love it, plus it’s water proof, not changing anytime soon unless it somehow broke

  5. MisterG

    Would this year iPhone charging port, change from Lightning to USB C? What do you think?

  6. StealthHunter

    My iPhone 5S that I use still is great lol. When I get an upgrade I WANT A HUGE UPGRADE! Waiting for Apple to create a camera on their phone that can accurately take photos in the dark with no fuzzy pixilated images. I don’t get Samsung cause I prefer iPads over Samsung tablets and being able to have photos, apps everything transfer over in the cloud constantly makes life easier.

  7. darko pašalić

    sorry but its not great phones its apples bullshitt for to much money apple mafia dont give nothing new

  8. ChangeUse

    my mom brought me a iPhone X 1 day before the xs came out

  9. There is a significant upgrade from the iPhone X to the iPhone XS Max
    – More durable glass (most durable glass ever in a smartphone)
    – IP68 water-resistant rating up from IP67. (Additionally tested in salt water, juice, tea and wine)
    – Larger 6.5 inch Super Retina display
    – Higher screen resolution (2436×1125)
    – 60% greater dynamic range display
    – New gold finish
    – Wider stereo speakers
    – Faster Face ID (A12 Bionic Neural Engine has faster algorithms and a faster Secure Enclave making it work faster)
    – Faster A12 Bionic chip, the first 7 manometer chip (2 performance cores: 15%faster, 40%lower power | 4 efficiency cores: 50%lower power)
    – 50% faster GPU
    – Neural engine now 8-core from 2 core, which now provides dedicated machine learning, and a new Smart compute system.
    – New next-generation Apple-designed Image Signal Processor
    – 512GB of fast internal storage.
    – New 12MP camera sensor
    – 2x faster camera sensor when recording video
    – Improved True Tone flash with an advanced flicker-detection system
    – New 7MP front-side sensor that’s 2x faster
    – ISP and Neural Engine does instant red-eye reduction, improved Portrait mode with better segmentation.
    – Smart HDR which improved shadow detail and reduces over-exposure such as in the sun.
    – F-stop Depth of field in bokeh can be adjusted from f 1.4 to f 16 the quality of
    – Advanced bokeh (drastically improved from iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X)
    – TrueDepth Camera can now record 1080p 60FPS video (up from 30FPS on iPhone X)
    – 4 microphones for stereo video recording.
    – 1hr 30 mins longer battery life – biggest battery ever put into an iPhone
    – Faster Networking, Gigabit class LTE.
    – Dual SIM
    – eSIM Technology
    – 4GB of RAM up from 3GB
    – Extra antennas supporting Cat 16 Gigabit LTE and faster more reliable 4G data speeds.
    – Wider primary camera
    – Stabilised front facing camera
    – Faster shutter speed when capturing photos
    More environmentally friendly:
    – NEW recycled Logic Board

  10. J HeighteN

    I'll take that ugly pink off of your hands. 800$

  11. Emmy Oloja

    Dave d, don't you use pouches on your phones?

  12. Taha

    Dave – Yo apple send me the review units I need to make a video
    Dave on youtube – Yo guys apple's new iphone suckssssssss

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