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Is An Intel Xeon For Gaming Worth It Today? [Simple Guide]

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You’ve probably heard about the impressive (on-paper) Intel Xeon processors already, but are they a viable choice if you’re a gamer?

Here’s everything you need to know! Keep watching.

0:00 Intro
0:53 What is Xeon?
1:43 What Does a CPU Do?
2:25 Bottlenecking
3:04 Conclusion


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  1. Young Blood

    i have z400 and its osm for watch dogs 2,BF 5,FC 5 new dawn and many others

  2. Clesty

    How many fps Will I get with Xeon W3520 and gtx 1060 6gb in fortnite and cs go?

  3. Paul Burkey

    xenon 771 mods are great budget build cpus, if you can find a good socket 775 motherboard or already have one with a tired core 2 duo but are only good up to a ($100 GTX 1050 or $50 GTX 750 used) unless you have a realy good motherboard for overclocking. I have a $16 X5450 & cheep old 380w PSU and case leftover from an old windows 98 machine in my $20 asus P5G41T-M LX3 PLUS motherboard overclocked to 3.52 Ghz with a $20 air cooler only gets to 52c under full stress load and idles in the 20-30c range, plays fortnight in epic shadows off 1080 in the 75 to 100 fps cinabench R15 CPU score of 390, core 2 quads like the Q9650 and up are still pricey used at $60-100 and the E5450 and X5450 are just as fast.

  4. The Shadow

    Then tell me im a fool. X5670 (1333 socket directly) still kicking ass if you want 1080 experience @ 60+ fps even with spectre and meltdown patches😂😂😂😂

  5. Amd Arslan

    can anyone seriously tell me hp z400 xeon w3550 is good for gaming with amd rx 560 4gb?

  6. mariam

    my experience is half good low graphics 10+ fps

  7. CyanBlade

    I have a gtx-1060 6 gb with a xeon e5-1607 v2 3 ghz when i was at the store i asked:isnt this procesor ghz low.They told me to not look at the Ghz i was confused They told me its better than i3 or i5 or i7 i got Screwed i got only 40 fps average on gta 5

  8. Sikandar Ali

    I have xeon e5640 and wanted to upgrade my gpu to rx 580. Will it works ?
    Currently i am playing GTA 5, Hitman, Far Cry 3 in low quality on a average fps and it is working fine with Quadro 2000.

  9. Scruffy2

    using a board with dual xeon e5- 2660v3 CPUs with an Nvidia 1050ti. Not running into any problems.

  10. Rondo Cat

    Running a Generation 3 Xeon 1200 series 3,4Ghz socket 1150 in my Workstation / gaming rig myself and it rocks combined with a GTX1080ti 🙂 I chose this old prosessor to be able to run Windows 7 without hickups as it is much much better then 8 and 10 specially for anything that uses lot of memmory and also better performace in gaming.

  11. If someone owns a Xeon x3480 please inform me on how good and bad it games on a LGA 1156 socket.

  12. ZeNex74

    Xeon 2125 boost 4.5ghz with 2070super. 32gr ram… It flies along

  13. LastStopGaming

    I got a xeon x3363 and a rx 5870 eyefinity 6 edition both just lying around. Might build a pc using them

  14. Tanker Dodko

    its year 2k20 and i have Intel xeon E5-2609V2 2.5GHz [4GHz overclock] and gtx 1060 6GB 16GB RAM and water cooling soo…

  15. Jason M

    I owned a up to date pc, and I also use macs. I build a pc with .015% bottle neck for under 200$ I have 12 gb triple buf/ xeon 5650 6 core 12 threads running stock speeds and an old Gigabyte x58a-ud3r motherboard with an old Nvidia 770 GTX OC 4gb card. and I am running everything I need and more. Too Many intel bull — the 9900K run 20 frames higher than my Xeon 5650 if I over clock it, and it is 9 years apart. AND when the Xeon is over clocked– still runs cooler… So you get the 20 frame rates higher but also warmer.

  16. Kenny J

    My Son's Gaming system is a Xeon x5680 and he loves it. He does a little streaming not much but mostly Pictures/Video Editing. Great budget machine.

    GPU: GTX 1080Ti
    CPU: X5680
    Memory: 24GB ECC
    Motherboard: MSI X58
    Storage: 512GB SSD Boot
    LSI SAS Controller with Raid 10+1 (4 4TB Drives)
    Sound: SB AE-5
    PSU: EVGA 750w

  17. I have dual Xeon e5440 with 8 cores and gtx 660. I installed assassin creed odyssey but it won't run. Its been 2 years I have Xeon but with its gaming problems I'm tired of it. What should I do should I buy a new graphics card? Someone help me

  18. John M

    Using a dirt cheap E5 2670 ($80 AUD) paired with a 1660oc to game. 144+ fps on Apex max settings, 100+ frames on Rust high settings, 60-100+ frames on Tarkov high settings. You can definitely game on a decent Xeon and it will cost you fudge all.

  19. herman loko

    well compared to the cpu's these days, i would say yes, a z600 server can be bought for arround 200 dollar, past a card in it, and than you will be having a pc for a low price

  20. Seedzei

    I have 2 Xeon X5472’s running @ 3 GHz each paired with a 1050 ti 4GB. I can run most games at 100+ FPS (Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, CS:GO, Warframe, Rocket League) Would recommend to anyone who needs a decent cpu for a smaller price!

  21. wich has dual xeon cpus so each one is 8 cores so i basicly have a 16 core system and with a geforce gt 710 ti high profile card and both of the cpus are 125 watts and i gota say they are power hungry!!!

  22. xX_1infantry1_Xx

    i had a intel core i5 and get some stutters with shadows cranking up, then i bought a xeon and wow i can run shadows at high with respectable fps

  23. moofushu

    I upgraded the CPU on my computer from an i5 4 core 4 thread to a Xeon 4 core 8 thread at a higher clock speed. So yeah the computer and games do run faster on it. I find your repeated attempts to paint Xeon CPUs as none gaming or only business solution silly. If the clock speed is faster on the Xeon and it has more cores or more threads then I don't see how the experience wouldn't be improved over Core intel CPUs.

  24. Trench Baby

    so with me i could barely run fortnite and I have a gtx 750

  25. Tech With Things

    3:47 I had this processor (Xeon E5 1650) and made it for gaming and worked better than how Xeon is not supported in some motherboard?

  26. Trepped

    I use a mac Pro late 2013 and it has Intel xeon e5 cpu but when I run some tests i see that my gpu isnt working that hard while the cpu is dying. Btw the graphics Card the mac Pro has is AMD Firepro D700 (6gb)

  27. Santosh Kumar

    Bro what CPU is good for GT 1030 and 1050 TI, actually I have core 2 duo, i5 2400, quard core, dual core and Intel xeon and I m planing to buy a GPU for gaming. So can u pls suggest me what GPU I need to buy which is compatible with these CPU's and can run games i.e. gta5, COD warzone, pubg at 60-70 fps. Pls reply.

  28. Bálint

    "Gaming pc's just don't need the extra computing power and multitasking capabilities."
    Let me prove you wrong by stating a couple of games that DO need these:
    – Escape from Tarkov
    – Rust
    insert any other game that is CPU heavy (there are a few, but i can't recall from the top of my head)

  29. ولا شي

    its so cheap this why i want to know intel xeon x5675 is 44 dollars


    I got good experience with Xeon | I have Xeon E5 1620 with GTX 1070

  31. basher buckman

    I just got my hands on a x5570 and a Asus p6t deluxe v2 12gb ddr3 1333 that mobo lets me overclock that cpu from stock turbo 3.3ghz to 3.85 GHz 4c/8t for 125 cad $$ and I had a Rx 550 2gb kicking around that is working very well very stable OC so if you luck out like it's worth it but not if it's pricy much better options this set up games very well @1080p 60hz low-med settings

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