Is Apple Slowing Down Your iPhone AGAIN ?

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  1. Terry Mckeown

    apple sucks so bad, i don't feel bad at all, just go samsung u can't lose

  2. Summer Mc

    My 11 pro is taking forever to charge ever since the new update. Normally it takes about 35-40 mins to charge from around 20%- 95%. Now it take almost 2 hours 🤦🏽‍♀️ so disappointed.

  3. Dio Brando

    is it good to have my iphone 7 plus battery at 64% health???

  4. Adrian Garcia

    My iPhone 12 Pro Max battery life is down 50% within 6 hours after the software update 16.5

  5. Prettyboy Jay

    iPhone 8 used to do like 10k on geek score now it do like 3k or something lower

  6. FreefallFPV

    Whatever they are doing, it is for the better of the company!

  7. Ty  Guy

    Most problems can be solved with a restore or possible battery replacement if applicable to that product

  8. MaxKito2

    I wonder if apple does this just with the iPhones? Because I have 2 pairs one year old AirPods Pro and the batteries are just acting up plus a very strange clicking sound and not connecting. I also, noticed my iPads Pro 12.9 and though battery on my unit has always been horrible, it has now gotten worse after updating and I have the M1 mini led one. 😢

  9. Matt React

    This why they should never add Optimized battery charging in the first place. I never used it and don't like it.

  10. Blacklisted

    Smfh this guy just sucks man, every video it’s like shut up already. You just keep redoing your old videos in the same words.

  11. Dustier Mex

    Is it known now so they can’t really get in trouble cause it’s show in full text in the settings.

  12. Can you explain why I have automatic updates enabled and it never updates I have to manually update each time an new update is released. I have an iPhone 12

  13. Rainbow

    My iPhone 11 is so sluggish since the last iOS updates.

  14. Ian Rosario

    My iPhone 8 plus is on iOS 16.5 and its running very smoothly

  15. Dennis W

    Apple likes playing games to get us to upgrade. The last iOS my iPhone 4 got didn't run that well

  16. DexterHR

    Men, I miss that iphone 8 design! Really loved it!

  17. Smart Business

    Even the iPhone 11 Pro … it’s really slow and if you’re typing… long messages it even becomes irresponsive

  18. Godson seven

    i have notice a slow down on my XR, since ios 15, it ran so fast on ios 14, is like apple twaks during every update to get worse, is a shane, especially for people like me that live in a poor country, i cant afford a new one every year, and it heats up like crazy, idevicehelp, bro i think you should investigate this a bit deeper, thanks for the videos

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