Is the 2024 Hyundai Kona a Family Favorite? Premium review of the new Toyota Corolla Cross rival that impresses

this week I’ve been driving the Hyundai Kona premium with my family of three and it’s been one of the most surprising weeks of the Year for me this small SUV is above average for the class with its features luxury items and also cabin size which makes this a hot Contender for its Rivals the Mazda cx-30 and the Kia celtos stay watching to find out why I think this little gem is worth its praise there are two models for the new Kona range and ours is the top model and will cost you 39 500 before on-road costs with the regular petrol engine being tested here that makes it a smidge more affordable than its nearest Rivals and it gets so many features that I did have to check that price tag some of those features include heated and ventilated front seats heated steering wheel as well as heated rear outboard seats a sunroof is fitted to this test vehicle but it is going to cost you fifteen hundred dollars extra the full specs are in my room review at if you want more info [Music] I love how Hyundai have redesigned this and funnily enough they worked on the electric version first and then based all the petrol variants on the electric version and it really works here with the long strip LED lights at the front and the rear and the heavy use of body paneling in The Grille it makes it look futuristic and very modern the interior has been updated as well with these dual 12.3 inch digital screens that headlined a streamlined Dash there’s a mix of synthetic and leather accented trims throughout and you have some lovely practical details like these extendable sun visors add the white facade and the sunroof and it looks very high-end in here I must say I am very excited about this car and I think it’s because of how damn spacious it is in both rows I have plenty of head and leg room in both plus despite being a small SUV I have ample Elbow Room as well tops the seats are nice and wide and very comfortable and I really like the storage options up front we have a wide center console with plenty of space and retractable cup holders you also have an open style middle console with a tray glove box and 1.5 liter drink bottle holders in the doors the charging options are quite good with two USB C ports a 12 volt port and a wireless charging pad to choose from the dual screens look really good and are simple to use but I did feel that from my driving position I was leaning forward a lot to access the buttons it feels just a little bit too far away from my liking this also has built-in satellite navigation and it was easy to get the wide Apple carplay going too it also has wide Android auto as well as a very cool Bose sound system with eight speakers I’m in the back seat and like I said I have heaps of room back here the seats are really well cushioned and there’s good under thigh support and I love the Practical hard kick plates on the backs of these seats perfect for little feet back seat passengers enjoy two USBC ports directional air vents netted mat Pockets plus a reading light and the same 1.5 liter drink bottle holders in the doors you also get in the fold down armrest two cup holders my six-year-old found this to be very easy to get in and out of because of the 170 millimeter ground clearance he had a good view out of his window and I found it very easy to fit his monster booster seat through the wide door apertures this week on that note there are isofix child seat mounts on the outboard seats plus three top tethers two seats will fit best but you may get lucky with three skinny booster seats there’s also plenty of room for front passengers when a zero to four rearward facing child seat is installed too the boot is an okay size at 407 liters but you can bump it up to 1241 liters if you fold the back seat down and as you can see I have enjoyed using the tie down cargo net because it stopped all of my gear from rolling around in the back underneath the floor you have a temporary spare tire and this has a powered tailgate with a proximity feature so if you come up to your car and you stand there long enough with the key fob on your person it’s going to automatically open for you this version of the new Kona has a two liter four-cylinder petrol engine with a maximum power output of 110 kilowatts and 180 newton meters worth of torque I’m not gonna lie you will fill those specs when you’re trying to get up to speed or up a mountain and the engine winds at you but it does have enough pep that you will eventually get there if you’re after something punchier you can get the optional and line package which substitutes in a 1.6 liter turbocharged unit which delivers a punchier 146 kilowatts and 265 newton meters for a total of seven thousand dollars extra this test vehicle is a front-wheel drive and has a CVT which I found to be a good combo it’s smooth and relatively even with its power distribution this 2-liter version of the Kona is a bit gutless when it comes to the open road you can overtake just don’t expect it to be a sprinter and I would get comfortable with getting very aggressive with the accelerator when you do need to get up to speed or overtake the sports mode does help with this though the right comfort in this is good and the suspension feels quite well cushioned the road noise does creep up a bit at higher speeds but overall this is quite a lovely car to travel on the highway in there are two things that did Mar my experience a little bit with the driving and that was the lane keeping Aid because it just produced a bit of a jerkier experience for my liking and the sound alert that pops up for Speed signed recognition and the speed limit it’s a lot it beeps all the time and I did make the effort of turning this off every single time I drove because I just couldn’t handle it how I love a small SUV it is beautiful to park with its 10.8 meter turning Circle and fabulous 360 degree view reversing camera the front and rear parking sensors also make this a breeze and honestly you will have no trouble parking this the official combined fuel cycle is 6.6 liters per 100 kilometers my real world usage came to 6.9 liters and I did do a very healthy mix of urban and open road driving this week so that’s a solid result based off that official combined cycle and the smaller 47 liter fuel tank you should be able to achieve a driving range of roughly 712 kilometers there are a stack of safety features in the Kona and I really like the blind spot view monitor that pops a video feed of your blind spot onto your instrument panel I always feel this is a very handy feature especially in the city the new generation Kona hasn’t been tested with and cap yet but the previous version did manage to achieve a five-star and cap safety rating in 2017. this has seven airbags including the newer front center airbag the full safety specs are in my written review at if you want more info the ongoing cost for this are just like its price tag that is Affordable it comes with a five-year unlimited kilometer warranty and you can also pre-purchase either a three four or five year servicing plan on The Five-Year Plan it costs just a flat 1995 or an average of 399 per service the servicing intervals are also reasonable at every 12 months or 15 000 kilometers whichever occurs first foreign the Hyundai Kona premium is a total winner in my books and I was so surprised by this car the cabin space is massive you get a ton of features and it has a relatively affordable price tag I didn’t expect much from the engine but it still handles itself pretty well on the road so this earns an easy nine out of 10 for me my son is usually swayed by the bigger Utes and SUVs but even he loved this one and he gives it a 10 out of 10. if you’re after more details check out my full review at and I’ll see you next week [Music] thank you foreign

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  1. @larpy

    What’s reliability like? Heard of any issues with it yet ?

  2. @brentonh2197

    To be clear to potential buyers – it's possible to add the N Line styling pack to the lesser 2.0L engine. However if you want the 1.6 turbo, that only comes in conjunction with the N Line pack.

    I'd love a 1.6 Premium with the cream (or green!) leather interior, but it's not offered.

  3. @henrikhook.

    The armrest between the front seats… could have been a little longer. 🤔

  4. @user-yg8lc6lu6u

    Would really like to see a comparison of the 2024 Kona N line Hybrid and Corolla Cross Hybrid

  5. @timothybush7050

    Getting next year. In the yummy mirage green. And beige interior.😢

  6. I'm still waiting for my Hyundai i30 hatch back auto i signed the paperwork 3 months ago and i haven't got the car

  7. @xXYellie12Xx

    9/10 is promising given this variant has the gutless 2.0L. I test drove both the 2.0L and the 1.6L turbo and the 1.6 turbo is a WAY more enjoyable drive. Agree with the rest of the vid – So practical and well packaged for the size and price!

  8. @davidtaylor3

    Good real-world review! I like the Kona’s bold futuristic design and prefer it to the bland styling of some other vehicles in this segment. I also like all the features and technology it offers for the price as well as its user friendliness with a good mix of hard buttons for all the major controls. I’d be interested to hear how the upcoming hybrid drives as it promises excellent fuel economy which is a huge plus with petrol prices the way they are now. I think overall it would make a great family car.

  9. @letsseeif

    Thanks for your review. If I was buying I'd seriously consider one.

  10. Our 2013 Hyundai i30 Premium CRDi 1.6 litre Diesel Turbo has 100Kw and 280Nm torque from idle driven via a traditional 6 speed automatic. It cost us AU$14,000.00 drive away in 2017 with 12 months factory warranty left and was ex fleet with 103,000Kms. Had a full service history and as of typing this has now just passed 190,000Km's and absolutely nothing has gone wrong with it. It has MORE features than this current Kona and was a fraction of the cost. Ours has averaged 6L/100KM's combined cycle. This video proves why you do NOT have to buy the latest model car to be happy. I absolutely will not be selling our 2013 until 2033 and or 300,000Km;s as there is no need to do this. PS* Our "old" 2013 CRDi still pulls like a freight train up any incline on any highway yet never exceeds 3,000rpm. You will never beat a turbo diesel. Cheers!!!

  11. @leemace9638

    I think you have to be smoking cones to buy a Kona it just looks ugly 🤮

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