Is the Inspiron 7000 Aluminum or Plastic?

Just a quick video to make clarify the confusion of aluminum or plastic on this notebook.

Hope it helps!

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  1. cameron

    Don't go to PC you said before that you always regret it. 😉

  2. Eric Eckhart

    You definitely seem to be getting more confident on camera! I can see this channel going places

  3. Xinxor

    Good job Dave fuck them haters who doesn't know SHIT! FUCK EMMM!

  4. MinimumSix

    Your wallpaper is sick, could I have a downoad link?

  5. Zul Aiman

    Dave, can you review a MSI GE62 Apache Pro gaming laptop? it just came out recently, and i need your opinion on the decision to buy it, Thanks!!!

  6. Zul Aiman

    Ignore the fanboys Dave, u did a great review, very honest and unbiased, imma subscribe!

  7. Teo Games

    wow sweet setup, you should do a setup tour sometime soon!

  8. haloShAdOwSnIpE

    They called my Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (7537) an aluminum laptop, but the entire bottom is shitty plastic. To top it off, the rubber feet are coming off of the bottom! This laptop sucks.

  9. nortexoid

    From another review I saw, apparently the palm-rest area is made of aluminum. The marketing literature is misleading, even so. That's Dell for ya.

  10. Hassan Nasser

    Well David, I agree with your statement on the bottom being metal. I actually have this laptop and would admit that. Although, I believe that the top; at least to my recognition is Aluminum. For one and this may sound weird, it actually gets pretty cold while not in use, which is a distinct physical characteristic to these type of metals. If it is at all possible, it'd be cool to show proof as to whether or not the top is aluminum. Again to me, the 2 materials (top and bottom) are noticeable different material. Hence, maybe their description??

  11. Simli

    Can you do a review over the hp envy 15" notebook?

  12. Edwin Walker

    I still don't understand why people need YouTube videos in 4K. Pushing for higher screen resolutions and pixel densities when the rest of the technology isn't quite there to pick up the slack seems really over-demanding.

  13. Kenson

    I dont want to join this fight but i just wrote with the dell support. They said its aluminum. They said the whole case is aluminum. Are they kidding me? If it would be plastic they would be reaaaaallly conniving… help me Dave 🙁 what would be my alternative.?

  14. MoonSaiyan

    Just a suggestion. Include the link of the Inspiron review in the description since this is a follow-up to that video. Thanks 🙂

  15. Dan N

    I have an 7359, both top and bottom is made of plastic. How do I know ? 'Cause  I got deep scratches and casing is pretty flimsy. I don't know why folks arguing and stating it is ALUMINUM??

  16. Jack

    Geesh. Why do people have to get upset over such trivial things.

  17. Shiro Tonbo

    Who dares call my handsome dave 2d an idiot? hmmm?!
    They are just jealous, baby. Don't worry.

  18. IN INDIA Dell 7560 does have aluminum body.
    Its back portion also of aluminum

  19. Craig Stark

    I have a 2014 7000 dell laptop. The base which you demonstrated is plastic but the chassis is machined aluminum as described.
    The top cover with the screen seems to be a thin aluminum sheet bent to hold the screen as inset.

  20. shady shabana

    Hi dear I would to ask about 2 models in dell 14 5000 2 in 1 and 13 7000 2 in 1 both are convertible what's your opinion and what's the adv and disadvantage for both !

  21. Rishab Sharma

    Can you please review and check the same about Inspiron 5000

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