Is the Surface Laptop Too Expensive?!

Surface Laptop review is coming soon but first .. is the Surface Laptop Worth it?
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  1. Dave2D

    If you get one, get the middle spec. And definitely get the blue one. The answer is blue

  2. Paul D

    i think answer is the screen with a pencil, but i can give 500$ more and get cintiq

  3. Robbae

    usually more of a Mac guy, but I do have to say that red looks good. its just 4GB ram is no where near enough for what most people need

  4. I've seen an iFixit teardown of the surface laptop, and the fabric on top of the laptop make it basically impossible to get to the internals without damaging the laptop.

  5. 067, sonali

    M not gonna buying any one but still like the videos.. Gud to hear you.. :p

  6. Peter Tran

    What’s the point of getting it if it’s more than a Mac

  7. Luis Rdz

    Platinum or blue cobalt? Which one looks more elegant?


    Can someone explain to me why the surface laptop actually exists? The concept of the surface to me nails everything with the idea being a laptop when nessacary and a tablet as an option, but take that away what's the point? I get it if we need better parts but at the same I'd rather have a thicker tablet anyday considering the likes of the spectre 360 or the elite x2, even the eve v I think is proof of my point. Also I'm the first to admit im only taking the viewpoint of a laptop/controller DJ and producer so maybe I'm missing something here….

  9. ooka770

    u can buy a very good intel core m3 laptop with 4 GB Ram for about 200 – 400 dollars

  10. iKazed

    Yes, but that's the point. They don't want to impede on other OEMs.

  11. A A

    كيف كاتب العنوان بالعربي وتتكلم بالانجليزي حتى الترجمة ما حطيت فيها عربي

  12. Jeongchan Lee

    I have the 256GB i5 model but after optimising the SSD, the sequential write speed increased from 250MB/s to 1GB/s. Many people say that optimising an SSD is not worth it, so I have no idea what exactly happened to mine.

  13. Pixie

    Any advice about using it with Linux (Ubuntu) ?? I really love the model and the spec is good enough for me. I need to use it for terminal programming, is it wise to use linux in microsoft specific product ?

  14. Abhishek Pawar

    People only get angry if apple tries to sell overpriced products , when any other companies does it all those people are nowhere to be seen

  15. M.

    Blah, blah, blah …. purchased a Dell notebook from Costco .. killer price …. I love it!

  16. Vixivee V.

    The only reason why this laptop is expensive is because of their Alcantara Type Cover….

  17. Magus ABCD

    where's your updated review regarding the keyboard???

  18. Joshrealms

    Guys the 1st gen surface laptop i7 16 gn ram 512gb is 45% off on amazon!!!

  19. Nader Shammout

    Hey Dave, I'm looking for a good thin and light laptop that can handle 4k video editing. I was going to get the Matebook X pro but because of the ban, I'm thinking it's not such a good idea. Would the Surface Laptop 2 be any good for 4K editing compared to the matebook?

  20. alrayyaniQtr

    I will have to buy this at $1120 for the base model 128gb. Worth it? All cause of tax and importation charges

  21. Nick Darrow

    I don’t get the whole windows 10 s and 10 pro thing

  22. wudska21

    Hey Dave, im currently looking for a laptop to switch to as I currently use a MacBook Pro and the Surface Book 2 has gotten my interest. Reason im switching from Mac (have had it for two years) there are so many things which are; Lagging, Failing to do its work (e.g Simply not allowing me to eject my usb, external drive and so) Restoring the laptop is difficult without time Maschine, trying to use your work data sometimes doesnt open at all in Windows OS; Really slow on doing work and cannot multi task and gets over heated quickly. I understand I have the base version of late 2017 MacBook Pro with the TouchBar but i feel stupid paying 1999 € for a laptop that just fustrates me everytime i use it and would appreciate your advice for a new Laptop. Price rang is about 3000€ and I need it to be reliable, fast not to heavy, being able to do creative work. Are there any problems i should know about the Surface Book 2 ? In Short Terms and Long Term Run ? Love your Videos though, they are helpful but if you dont mind I need a detailed answer for my problem I am facing. Thank You

  23. victoria

    The dislikes are the Microsoft workers because of the title


    I fell this vid it's been rushed 😀

  25. kichaa13

    Ridiculous prices for apple like constricted hardware without the benefit of macos

  26. Ian Gomez

    Thanks Dave for sharing the discount on Amazon to get the refurbished mid tier configuration for only 600 which is literally less than half its launch price.

  27. Kmilo 117

    Me: installs linux on a surface laptop

    Microsoft: wait thats illegal

  28. Will

    I was considering getting one but then I saw the specs and the price. I ended up getting a zenbook instead. I swear gaming laptops are the only laptops that offer a real bang for the buck (when it comes to performance laptops)

  29. tahjibul hoque

    Is there any laptop under 500$ with 1tb storage, 16gb ram ? I Don't care about processor or battery or display nor keyboard mouse or looks. Just storage and ram. i3 would do the job but i5 might be nice. It's for 3d modeling, electronic circuit design software and programming software

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