Is traditional editing DEAD?! Descript changes everything!

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  1. Bryant C

    Was her left eye always like that? I dont watch her often

  2. MobileChaos

    Sweet, now I can download other peoples videos and put them through descript to create a video that they didn't actually say?

  3. Panther Lights

    Um…did you just say JIF ? Come on Justine lol we all know it's G, GUH, GIF lol

  4. soon we will be able to edit videos with just our thoughts. Imagine in VR we can just look at a keyboard in vr and edit on a virtual computer. I don't like that.

  5. Outlaw

    This would be good if you are short of time.. The only flaw the A. I mask performing you will be stereo-typic like an android unable to switch emotions of same word. 😊

  6. abhijit chanda

    It’s seriously pure genius. I’ve just started using it and it’s beautiful!

  7. 𝙼𝙼

    Far from the are beautiful, and the video shooting is wonderful and I liked it very much 🥰😘😘🌹🌹

  8. Mohammed Khalid

    I've used this app before. It's a great idea on paper, but it's painfully slow in practice.
    Maybe it's my internet, but it will always be slower than a traditional local editing software.
    Also, it has one of the most accurate and human like text-to-speech I've seen alongside IBM Watson, but again painfully slow to work with.
    And I don't know what it is, but it also uses a TON of system resources, so I don't think it's fully web based, maybe a combination?
    And I happen to have a decent gaming rig, and it's still heavy.

  9. RealAnimoji

    I think this is brilliant Justine and someone like me who struggles with traditional this has just increased accessibility massively for me. Definitely checking this out now. I loved descript but thought it had a little way to go before for my use it seems like it has taken on the feedback that we have been giving. 🎉

  10. FireMipSpy

    Since you are willing to quit caffeine… you should read the China Study by T. Colin Campbell. Might open your eyes to the true nutrition that will help you with your health.

  11. JED iTV

    Wow. That is impressive software, especially the voiceover feature.

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