Is Virtual Surround Sound Worth It For Gaming? [Simple Guide]

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So is virtual surround sound worth it? Should you buy a gaming headset that supports 5.1 or 7.1 virtual surround sound?

This is exactly what we’ll answer in this video!

0:00 Intro
0:32 Surround Sound
1:54 Virtual Surround
2:54 Conclusion
4:06 Outro


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  1. Iinital

    Openal soft and cmss 3d has the best HRTF Available in HeSuVi for free

  2. TerminatorJW

    So any stereo headphones have surround sound? Like the plantronics RIG 300 and Afterglow lvl 3 headset? Also I've been looking for a good headset for under $50 so if you guys have any suggestions let me know. Thanks

  3. Garret H

    So I was looking at the razor thresher for PS4 and noticed there was a Dolby 7.1 version for $20 more, what about the 7.1 version is actually different? Is it like a pre installed Dolby software cus u can’t download a Dolby add on in PS4?

  4. Max Dolde

    room correction vs virtual surround? Found it in my Settings and im not sure what that is or why i can only have 1 at a time activated :T

  5. Pawan Rawat

    Thanks for this video i was going to waste my money on virtual surround 7.1 now i will buy the normal one
    There is another thing with you can help me,
    What will happen if i plug a dolby sound adaptor or any other, will it worth……..


    I just want to buy a good headset from Aliexpress to play apex legends on ps4.
    do you have any recommendations under the price of 50$?

  7. Mango

    Just one thing:
    If you want to have the best audio quality for music/movies/… Go for stereo headsets

    If you want to have the best gaming equipment go for true 5.1/7.1 headsets. Eventhough the distance between the driver's is small you will hear a significant difference between a true and a virtual surround headset.
    Especially if it comes to determine direction and distance it will help.
    But keep in mind: true surround headset can't provide the best audio quality since the drivers are smaller than in a stereo headset with only one driver (at least if you compare the 200$+ category; below that the sound of a stereo might be just as good/bad)

  8. Um sorry if this sounds rude but for surround sound it’s 3 in the front and two in the balk the front center is the most important as it handles dialogue which you definitely do not want behind you this is not meant to be rude just a correction

  9. Faeddie Oxus

    7.1 Surround Sound vs Stereo Video
    Shows racing game where 7.1 surround sound will only give you immersion advantages

  10. Dutch

    I bought virutual suround instead of normal 7.1 ggggggg

  11. qwerty

    Then what is the difference between 30€ and 200€ stereo headphones, when you can just buy a sound card or download a virtual 7.1 surround sound software? Is it only the quality?

  12. KoolrunsJr

    Good vid, I am looking to buy a new headset for gaming and this really lets me know where to focus my money on since im not quite old enough to get a job yet & earn my own money…

  13. KoolrunsJr

    0:50, Is it wierd that i broke my headset and basically down graded it from 2.0 to 1.0?

  14. Mark OC

    The Drown tactile earphones are the only ones that give the real sense of full realistic space in games. Too much sometimes

  15. "The first surround configuration is actually 5.1"

    Forgetting 4.0 Quadraphonic?

  16. Nonagone

    If every headphone is surround how does one activate it? That may be a stupid question sorry. Also if I bought 7.1 surround sound headphones could you use surround sound when watching movies? Like Netflix for example? Ik i sound stupid haha

  17. Xenocx

    This video is good for me cuz im not sure if i want the HyperX cloud alpha or the alpha S

  18. ndroidz

    virtual surround cost nothing, its basically a free alternative to expensive shitty 7.1 headstest that ssound so bad it hurt your ears, with virtual surround you get the good stereo clear sound but with 3d sound on top of that, and its free, worth it? absolutelly

  19. LCroftTR

    I think stereo headphones are better than virtual surround in quality-price specially if you play games online like cs, cod,etc. where u need to locate everything faster and most games provides these sounds effects. Sometimes adding virtual surround could make it worse, for another game like The Witcher it could make a little bit difference but quality audio is the same.

  20. Baron

    Should I change the ingame setting to 7.1 or Dolby or SRS Circle Surround or headphone or system config? I'm using headphone with external soundcard with 7.1 dolby virtual surround (Steelseries Elite Prism).

  21. Tr1ckSh0tSn1per

    I mean, i have my Arctis Pro + GameDac, and idk if i should use high res or surround sound 7.1. Help ! I'm a hardcore gamer and big music listener

  22. Kyoto

    when i ordered the hyper cloud II i didn’t even know it had 7.1 surround sound and i love it

  23. CLaPzY_HimSelf

    But I don’t like Surround sound I have HyperX cloud 2 which is Surround soused headset but I want it to be Stereo sound because I don’t really know where the opponent is shooting from because of Surround sound but how do I change it to stereo sound??

  24. NasaLife

    i have literally scoured the internet for hours upon hours and can not for the life of me get a solid answer. If you use virtual surround sound such as Dolby atoms, windows sonic, Astro mix amp exc. in the in game menu under audio settings what option should you use? stereo headphones or surround sound? I know you should never double up on surround sound effects it will make the audio sound like crap. another question does the in game audio surround sound option count as an effect or is just controlling the dynamic ranges/EQ's?

  25. LoudSonicBug

    actually not too bad of a video than I first thought. Although 7.1 does have its benefits I haven't really heard a good implementation yet. It just ruins the audio too much for my taste. I still use it in games tho.

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