Is Wix Studio the Top Website Builder of 2024? A Comprehensive Review

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hey everyone welcome back to the channel in this video we’ll be looking at how to make a website using the Wix website builder doesn’t matter if you’re running a business or if you’re self-employed entrepreneur having a website tells the world that you’re legit professional and capable and these days it’s pretty much just the reality of things you need a website I even like to watch Amish content from people who deal a lot with Amish people and even though they don’t use technology a lot of them pay non-amish people to build and manage a website for for them and their businesses because they just understand that nowadays if you want to run a successful business you just have to be on board with having a website and there are many ways to set one up so in this review we’re going to be looking into whether Wix is a good way to go or if you’ll need to look for some other website builder to help you build your website that’s what I’m getting into in this video so I’ll tell you about my experience using Wix how it works what the pros and cons are how much it costs and from my own experience how it compares to other comp companies in the space now I should also mention that once you create your website on Wix you can’t migrate it to another web hosting service so just make sure that you’ll be happy with Wix before you fully commit to it so if you’re thinking about using Wix I’ll go over some of the things that you need to be aware of before you make your decision and if you find this review interesting or helpful you can show your appreciation by liking this video and subscribing to the channel it really helps us if you haven’t already see more of my reviews and just to be up front I’m an affiliate of pretty much all the companies that I talk about including Wix but my recommendations wouldn’t mean much if I didn’t give you my honest opinion as I always try to do and if at any point you decide to try wiges I have a special affiliate Link in the description down below this link gives you an extra discount that you won’t find by going directly to their website and gives me a commission which is good for both of us so Wix is the biggest website building platform with more than 250 million users across 190 countries and when it comes to website hosting platforms size really does matter so you don’t want the company that’s hosting your website to fail and take your website down with and for those of you who don’t know much about Wix they’re a website building platform designed specifically for people who don’t have coding skills and want to relatively easily be able to create and maintain a website you start by picking a domain name and a hosting package and you can choose from up to four different plans the hosting is all done in the cloud so there’s no software to download and you can manage your website from anywhere in the world and I found that building and designing website especially for those of you with let’s just say not a large amount of website building experience is kind of fun and relatively straightforward they have a giant App Store with thousands of plugins and tools to choose from to make your website look and feel more legit Wix is also a software as a service or a SAS platform so you have to pay a monthly fee to use it however everything you need to make and maintain your website is included in your subscription so let’s take a look at their plans pricing and what features are included in that monthly fee oh before I dive too much deeper into the paid plans I just want to mention that they actually do give give you the option to build a limited free website with a small amount of bandwidth the downside is that they leave wix’s branding all over the website itself and an address that uses the Wix domain like ww. website. but it might work for you if you’re holding a party or celebrating some kind of once-off event but it’s a good way to test out their features if you don’t want to pay for it or you don’t want to pay for it yet but for most standard websites you won’t want the Wix branding or their name in your domain it just comes off as really really professional so if you want to not look so unprofessional you’ll need to choose from four pricing plans ranging from $17 to about 160 bucks per month all of which come with a 14-day free trial in terms of pricing the most affordable plan is called the light plan which cost about 17 bucks a month if you pay ahead of time for a year it’s ideal for personal users for instance if they want to create an online resume a portfolio or a Blog and as with any of the paid plans you won’t have to deal with the Wix branding on your website and they even throw in a free custom domain for a year you get an SSL certificate that keeps sensitive data like passwords and personal information secure the light plan gives you up to 2 gigs of storage and up to 30 minutes of video on your website so you can showcase your work but if you’re expecting more visitors or higher traffic to your site then you’ll need to opt for or eventually upgrade to the core plan so the core plan unlocks some of the e-commerce features that make Wicks worthwhile for businesses it’s a great choice for nonprofits because they get a 70 % discount for 2 years to create and host one website but it’s also great for smaller business owners and Freelancers who want to engage with customers at 29 bucks per month if you pay ahead for a year you get all the features of the light plan but instead of 2 gigs of storage you get up to 50 gigs and up to 5 hours of video instead of 30 minutes you also get access to basic site analytics simple e-commerce functions and some really really cool marketing tools that you can get to learn as well customers are able to log into your site and create accounts and you get an events calendar and free use of the Wix site booster app for a year the booster makes sure that your website shows up on the front page of Google and other major search engines in your keyword you also get to design your own professional logo that can be downloaded as well but if you’re already a business that wants to create a proper online shop you might want to consider wix’s business plan at 36 bucks a month if you pay ahead for a year it might be the way to go this is the plan that we went with you get everything you need to set up and run a successful hopefully e-commerce website plus you get 100 gigs of storage space and up to 10 hours of video on your website you can go to the App Store to add premium apps like Wix bookings or Wix hotels and you also have access to a ton of useful marketing and SEO tools for bigger businesses that need unlimited storage and video streaming capacity the business elite plan is about 160 bucks a month and you get priority customer care but honestly for most websites that are going to be dealing with regular traffic the simpler plans might suffice or probably would suffice the business elite plan is really only meant for websites that plan hope to see a bunch a bunch a bunch of traffic which hopefully you’ll get to and at this point I just want to remind you that if you want to try out Wix you can use the affiliate link down in the description below doesn’t cost you anything and you get a bit of a discount which you wouldn’t get if you went directly to their website okay so in terms of the actual experience all things considered was actually pretty pretty seamless for me the fun part starts when you start designing your website and get to choose from over 800 templates that you can customize with wix’s really intuitive Ai and easy to use tools and there are lots of other tutorials out there to help you if you’ve never made a website before especially on Wix but the downside of using a template is that once you design your website with one you can’t go back and change it very easily so choose carefully because unless you’re willing to do a lot a lot of extra leg work that’s what you have to live with also out of all my research I found a theme that a lot of users talk about that not all the templates are fully responsive and I saw a bunch of complaints that they don’t always display properly on mobile formats I personally just designed my own using the drag and drop editor which is relatively easy to use it takes a little bit longer but I feel like it’s a more personalized website okay so from all the features that Wix has to offer I found the drag and drop Editor to be the most intuitive and people do enjoy using it but there are other more advanced options like the Vell Dev mode for developers to add custom JavaScript code or editor X if you want to add CSS grid layouts or a more responsive design if you don’t understand that not to worry like I mentioned Wix is mostly designed for beginners but they do have some Advanced options if you are a more advanced user as well finally Wix Studio has even more editing features and you may not need these when you start out but it’s good to know that they are there in case you do need them down the line so once the design and content are all set up you can start adding features and functions by choosing add-ons from a huge catalog of widgets and business tools now if you’re looking to get your own custom business email you’ll need to add a Google workplace plan that’ll cost another six bucks a month to get email addresses and access to all of Google’s online tools and in terms of support with all wix’s paid plans you get 24/7 customer support and there are really great tutorials to guide you if you ever need them okay so how does Wix compare to other similar Services well I’ve used Wix and Squarespace and they offer the same basic service but if you’re completely new to building a website then Squarespace might suit you better just because they have only one editor and fewer options for customization I personally prefer having more options which is why I went with Wix that said Squarespace offers less customization and is therefore a bit easier to use and its templates are 100% mobile responsive which as I mention or isn’t always the case with Wix but like I said Wix has more features better e-commerce functions more templates and more options to integrate extra features on pricing Wix is also better than Squarespace okay so the bottom line is that with more website features and add-ons than a lot of other platforms out there plus the amount of great customizable templates and excellent e-commerce Solutions Wix is just about the best allaround option to build a website and it’s easy enough for a complete beginner to use as well so whether you want to showcase your professional skills start a small online store or build a thriving internet Kingdom hopefully Wix likely has everything you need to get started as well as take your business and your website to the next level as you grow okay so that’s all for this review if you found this video helpful or interesting give it a thumbs up and subscribe to see more videos like this and again if you decide to try Wix you can use the affiliate link down in the description below it doesn’t cost you anything and you get a bit of a discount which you wouldn’t get if you went directly to their website and as always I enjoying your thoughts and I’ll try to get back to any questions or comments you leave down below as quickly as I can and finally guys thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

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