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iWOWNfit i6HRC Fitness Tracker – Comprehensive Review

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The i6HRC (i6 HR C) is an inexpensive fitness tracker, but is it any good? I’ve used it for the past month and have a good sense for what’s good, bad, and whether it’s even worth buying. In this video, I walk through the pros, cons, and give a recommendation at the end.

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Video summary:
Today, I will cover the following on the i6 HR C:
• What I like
• What I dislike
• Would I recommend the i6 HR C fitness tracker?

Fitness trackers
• Fitness trackers drive positive lifestyle change
• I’ve owned the following fitness trackers over time:
○ FitBit Flex
○ FitBit Charge 2
○ Apple Watch Series 2
○ iWOWNfit i6HRC

About iWOWNfit
• Fitness company
○ 80 person company located in Shenzhen China
○ They build smart watches, earphones, and scales
○ They’re a Chinese version of FitBit

What I like:
• Extra band included in the package
• Does the fundamentals well, including:
○ Counts steps
○ Measures heart rate
○ Logs distance traveled
○ Keep track of calories burned
○ Tracks sleep
• Price is only $40!!! They achieve this by doing the following:
○ No separate charger, unit simply plugs into USB
○ One size band fits all vs. FitBit that carries inventory for multiple band sizes
○ Made in China
○ Little marketing compared to FitBit. FitBit passes the marketing cost onto consumers.
• Color display is a nice touch
• Interaction with device is intuitive:
○ Twist wrist to turn on
○ Short press, long press, and swipe
• Light sensor adjusts screen brightness to conserve the battery
• Receive all types of messages notifications, including calls, text, meetings, Facebook messenger. The FitBit Charge 2 only receives calls and text messages.
• Lots of customization options in the app, including:
○ Alarms
○ Sedentary reminder
○ Set step goals

What I dislike
• Fundamentals that are lacking compared to other fitness trackers:
○ Floors
○ Active minutes
○ Stopwatch
○ Relaxation mode
• Weather on the device only updates when you open the app
• No network effect by competing with others. The app just focuses on your solo achievements.
• Screen brightness is dim, although likely prolongs the battery life.
• Removing from the tracker from the band to charge will likely wear out the band, although they provide a second band. You can also buy additional bands for little money.
• Only two band faces, and difficult to see number of steps. The default watch face focuses on time and not steps
• Localization for individual markets need polish. For example, the watch calls out 10k step but should say steps with an s.
• No weight lifting exercise mode. There are modes like ping pong and bandminton, but lacking a weight lifting mode (even though the section icon has a person lifting weights)
• There’s no dedicated button to activate the watch, which I miss from the FitBit. You interact solely through wrist movements or tapping on the screen.
• The band is a little less comfortable than other fitness trackers I’ve tried in the past.
• There’s no celebration when you hit 10k steps. Fitness trackers are all about motivation and it should make a big deal out of you achieving your goal for the day.

• Given all the pros and cons, what do I recommend?
○ For only $40, you really can’t go wrong with this tracker. If you’re not sure how much you’re going to use a fitness tracker, this is a very good model to get started with. FitBit polish and feature set is better, but you pay 3x – 4x the price.


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    I hope you enjoy the review of the i6HRC fitness tracker! For a text summary of the video, please see the description. Let me know if you have any feedback or thoughts! Cheers!

  2. Tiago Almeida

    Nice review, i just received mine today. Do you can sync with strava?

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