JAMstack Tutorial – Full site using Netlify & Hugo

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In this tutorial you will learn to build a client side application using modern tooling. You will build a restaurant site using Netlify and Hugo. Only basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are needed.

🔗 Live version: https://tasty.netlify.com.
🔗 Clone project: https://bit.ly/tasteTheTutorial
🔗 Github: https://github.com/bdougie/restaurant-template-cms

*Note on continuous deployment
After cloning locally you can now push up all your changes to GitHub. You do not need to manually push your changes to production. Netlify’s Git integration handles the continuous deployment.

⭐ Course Outline ⭐

⌨ 1:17 – Cloning the project – https://bit.ly/tasteTheTutorial
⌨ 3:47 – Introduction to Hugo – http://gohugo.io/
⌨ 5:18 – JAMstack explanation – https://jamstack.org/
⌨ 10:08 – Adding the menu collection
⌨ 14:57 – Adding the CMS – https://www.netlifycms.org/
⌨ 21:12 – Adding the drinks: Part 1
⌨ 22:03 – Adding the drinks: Part 2
⌨ 23:03 Adding the image gallery
⌨ 27:07 Collecting form data

🐦 Creator Brian Douglas on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bdougieyo

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