JavaScript ES6, ES7, ES8: Learn to Code on the Bleeding Edge (Full Course)

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This course will teach you the most modern features of JavaScript, also known as ES6+. You can also take the interactive version of the course here:

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It’s used almost everywhere: from large-scale web applications to complex servers to mobile and IoT devices.

⭐️ Course content ⭐️

⌨️ Template Literals (1:06)
⌨️ Destructuring (5:32)
⌨️ Object Literal (9:42)
⌨️ For of loop (13:44)
⌨️ Spread operator (17:51)
⌨️ Rest operator (20:57)
⌨️ Arrow Functions (23:02)
⌨️ Default Params (25:50)
⌨️ Array.includes() (27:44)
⌨️ Let & const (28:58)
⌨️ Export & import (32:53)
⌨️ String.padStrart(), String.padEnd() (35:29)
⌨️ Classes (38:05)
⌨️ Trailing commas (49:59)
⌨️ Async/Await (51:27)
⌨️ Sets (1:01:19)
⌨️ What’s Next (1:04:08)

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