JMGO N1 Ultra – Powerful Portable Projector

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Check out the N1 Ultra here –
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This JMGO N1 Ultra projector is one of the nicest pieces of tech I’ve reviewed. It’s well put together, is very adaptable, and it has a great picture and sound.

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  1. Ahmed Alhaj

    i watced some videos about this projector , but ur video is the best ❤❤

  2. Davo

    Too expensive, there are similar projectors lower priced

  3. Douglas Call

    You've been reviewing various Ultra-Short Throw projectors for a while. It's great that you're providing your viewers with all this information however can you please just come out and say in plain English what is the best USTP one can buy right now as a 100" TV replacement device? Obviously we know this is based on what you've tested up to this time and that you may have a set of personal requirements of what's good different then everyone else, however it seems to me that buy now you should know if you had to buy a USTP today for your own home TV replacement to be put in a room that has moderate light coming in but not direct light shining down from spotlights pointed at the TV or something crazy. And of course in the evening when all the lights are out it should be about as good as it gets. It's always great when reviewers finally get it together and put a simple Spreadsheet together of what the tested in various categories and what their rating is in 4 – 6 categories.
    Nothing crazy columns like Manufacturer, Model#, MSRP, Native Resolution, technology then your rating on a scale of 1-10 (or whatever) in categories like sports, gaming, commercial 4K Blu-rays, YouTube, Netflix Streaming and Standard Definition upscaling. Forget the sound. Everyone can afford a descent Sound bar nowadays.

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