John Wick, Donnie Yen, and Bruce Lee: The Art of Realistic Movie Combat

Is John Wick “realistic?” The John Wick fight scenes and action are swift and brutal, largely captured without the aid of shaky-cam.


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  1. Dean Natheos

    That killer John wick is more impressive than Bruce lee.

  2. kingOfCool87

    Smart move to make yen blind in this movie cus a donnie with 2 eyes omg

  3. DJ Vendetta

    This is insulting, go figure it's IGN. Jackie changed this genre entirely and there would be no John Wick without his work

  4. Ring

    En la caja de comentarios se menciona mucho que las coreografías que se ven en John Wick ya lo hizo antes The Raid, pero no estoy deacuerdo, los combates de The Raid y los de John Wick son totalmente diferentes y que lo que comparten es una gran violencia.

    En The Raid podemos observar que sus coreografías son más cercanas a las de Hong Kong pero dejando a un lado la parte estética y centrandose en la violencia, agresividad y haciendo más movimientos para alargar así el combate.

    En cambio las coreografías de John Wick siendo también violentas se ven mucho menos coreografiadas, menos alargadas y con movimientos mas reducidos, contundentes y eficaces, viéndose así una coreografía mas natural y verosímil que las de The Raid y que las de Hong kong.

    Por lo demás tanto la saga de John Wick como la bilogía de The Raid es lo mejor que ha dado el cine de accion-artes marciales hasta el momento.

  5. Simon Kwan

    No mention of the Jason Bourne series? They forced 007 to get more real and gritty. A lot of the Bourne fight choreography was brutally efficient and feels like a worthy inclusion in this conversation.

  6. TheRealLTJRH512

    Didn’t expect to see Murder Grandpa Minoru Suzuki get some respect here

  7. SadNude

    Donnie Yen is always game, always a killer whether he plays hero or villain; one of the best ever to do martial arts on film

  8. IamHim

    Bruce lee is still getting his flowers half a century after his passing 👏🏾👏🏾

  9. Joseph Huo

    How can sport martial arts, or film martial arts be compared to killing people martial arts?

  10. Jayy O Villi

    This title got me to click Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen in the same sentence, I'm sold 🐐👥🙏🌻🩵💪💯💯💯💯💯💯🤯🚀

  11. Mikhail

    One influence you forgot that make this movie possible, was The Raid, this movie change the way Hollywood watched action, cuz the director of that movie was a Hollywood director, the same one that direct the new Godzilla

  12. Neo

    Shout out for adding The Last Dragon clip IGN!

  13. Chip Leeds

    Great respect to the hundreds of stunt people who performed in John Wick 4. They risked life and limb to “die” in very cool ways throughout the movie.

  14. booms

    What kind of sociopath edits a puppy dying sound effect into a video like this.

  15. Aaron Warren

    They're all pretty silly when your multiple attackers are flopping around in the background while they wait for you to be ready for them.

  16. Kunning Kane

    You forgot, Tony Jaa, the prince of realism and stunts. You left so much out.

  17. Dwight Woods

    Not at all surprising that so much of this would circle back to Bruce Lee since his philosophy (cinematic and otherwise) is embodied by Americans influenced by Chinese film and vice versa, as well as the fact that the principle creatives of the John Wick franchise all have JKD backgrounds through none other than Dan Inosanto, Bruce Lee's premier disciple

  18. Can John Wick beat the likes of Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise), Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th franchise) and Ghostface (Scream franchise)?

  19. Bingster C

    IT’S NOT “BRAZILIAN” JU-JITSU. IT’S JUST “JU-JITSU”. Ju-Jitsu is NOT from Brazil. It's a Japanese Martial Art. A Japanese Grand Master of Ju-Jitsu taught the Gracie Family Ju-Jitsu. Therefore, Ju-Jitsu should NEVER be called or referred as “Brazilian” Ju-Jitsu/BJJ.

  20. Eternal

    So no mention of the movie "The Raid"?

    Like those films influenced the John Wick franchise

  21. moh ab

    Bruce lee he is the godfather of MMA

  22. eastern2western

    No one gives credit to the stunt people who had to take all of the attacks.

  23. NtrMssion

    Love how Donnie is finally getting the highlight he deserves. Donnie at his prime was absolutely ferocious and re-ignited the martial arts cinematic film genre – you just didn’t know it. John wick 4 draws from a few of his films, “SPL”, “Dragon Tiger Gate”, “In The Line of Duty 4”

  24. Harry

    Well done breakdown 👏 👍

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