JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R – Keicho Nijimura Reveal Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Despite being the big bro of Okuyasu, Keicho Nijimura definitely isn’t the type to lend you a hand.

Being the first to use the bow and arrow in #DiamondIsUnbreakable, Keicho wields a powerful Stand that gives him an infantry at his own disposal!

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  1. Sean Devlin

    Just finished Battle Tendency. I can’t believe I put off watching Jojo until now

  2. Shadow's Wrath

    ONE! TWO!
    LET'S GO!

  3. He_is_Golden

    I really want them to make Anubis a thing in the game. I wanna be able to use Anubis from part 3.

  4. darklord884

    Sweeeet! I am so happy Keicho finally gets to appear in a game. Now just Hot Pants and my satisfaction with this Season Pass will be complete!

  5. Ali

    I played Minecraft, it does not support Sony 5, why do I demand a modification? Please raise my comment

  6. Dart Megatron

    Приглашайте Эда буне к ea Марвел

  7. colonelmcdoogle

    Not complaining about characters, I’m excited to play as him but could we get a second pass with some part 7, 8 or 9 characters?

  8. Diego Hernandez

    Last one will be Alternative Universe Diego Brando, its almost too obvious

  9. Where's the Jojolion Characters at , the part already ended yet there's only one character we should boycot or something geez , 😢

  10. Bulletboi0522

    The issue about the characters in parts 7 and 8… some of them don’t really have stands meant for combat. They are more for utility and that’s why I see some of the suggestions in the comments are probably not meant for fighting games. Sure we have some exceptions, like Joshu or Tooru, but I’d rather be thankful that we have Keicho here.

  11. ECH0-Ragee

    The fact that they have this, and not a Bleach game in the FGC, is precisely why anime games are losing. 💯😎

  12. Atlas Reborn

    For anyone begging for Part 7 or 8 characters, please note that there was a giant datamine and its highly likely that our last character is Alternate Universe/THE WORLD Diego.

  13. carl blaskovich

    One of the coolest stands of all time. It's about time he got the recognition he deserves.

  14. Theyos

    O anime foi muito bom, espero que o game tbm 🙏🚀

  15. Jonathan Torres

    Bruh I thought it was a new game or a sequel to eyes of heaven 😂

  16. Platypusf

    I keep getting thrown off with the stand names but remember that the dubbed and legitimate English translation has to change the names or else it’ll get copyrighted. I’m like Worse Company? Don’t you mean Bad Company?

  17. iSincerity

    Just over here waiting for Tekken 8 and the new Street fighter. Couldn't really enjoy this game even similarly to them

  18. Gioa 17

    Are there any people playing this game? I Need to do the 100 matches achievment, I'm on PlayStation

  19. Final Checkpoint

    Been waiting for this! Also if anyone could tell me how to improve the content, I’d be grateful!

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