Kamerar Slider S23 Review – MKII

Review of the Kamerar Slider MK2
S23 (SD1) Mark II. 23″ Slider. Blue anodized.
Link: http://kamerar.com/collections/video-sliders

Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

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  1. Mouwke

    Great review as always, you have a very soothing voice, pleasant to listen to!

  2. RMalayeri

    Great review man! I really enjoyed it. I also subbed to your channel 🙂 take a look at mine and if you like my work, please return the favor. I'd be interested in doing collabs with you if you're open to it.

  3. Chris Morgan

    Hey Dave, great review! I couldn't help noticing the background @ 0:52 and onward and I was thinking, damn, you must have some amazing views from there! Any chances of a small office tour?

  4. Barbara Tilly

    KAMERAR make great and affordable sliders. These sliders are unfortunately not for those living in South Africa. I have bought two sliders from them without a hassel. Shipping included which makes things easy.

    I ordered a third slider and suddenly there are problems. First I receive an email (a week later) advising me that South Africa has introduced new regulations with regard to import duties and KAMERAR asked whether I still want the slider as the cost will be very high to import. This is UNTRUE! Nothing has changed regarding import regulations and I continue to receive camewra accessories from all over the world. I asked that they please release my order.

    Today (two days after requesting they release my order) I received a mail stating alll goods shipped from India (not China as per their website) require that I send a copy of my passport, ID or banking detail. What a lot of "hog wash"! Don't know where they're getting their info from. Sending such detail could result in financial suicide. I have no gurantee that such personal info will get into the wrong hands.

    My message to KAMERAR is, if you don't want to ship to South Africa for whatever reason just come out and say so. Place it on your web page. Please pay me back my money which you've now had for almost two weeks.

    I cannot send you the detail you're requesting. As I've said, I don't know with whom you will share it and whether you can guarantee absolute confidentiality that such info will get into the wrong hands. Even if I did give it to you, what excuse will you come up with next not to send my order? Oh, you forgot to let me know that goods sent form India require such personal detail? YOU FORGOT!!!!

    South African buyers think twice before ordering. Or perhaps those lving anywhere in Africa should think twice before ordering!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope I get my money back??? Who know they may come up with some lame excuse that I need to send them certain personal detail before authorizing my refund?

  5. Is that a Benro fluid head? If it is, what do you think of it, I'm looking to buy one.

  6. Kimi H

    What mouse do you use? I just saw it on your table.

  7. Zacharie Chiron

    did u not manage to get them to ship it in blue to you? Like the new cables you got xD

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