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Killer Audio from Razer for $99

Dave2D review of the Razer Nommo Chroma. The best speakers from Razer if you’re looking for a clean modern look.
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Razer’s Nommo line is finally released and the clarity is much better than expected for its price. Engineered with glass fiber parts to provide crisp audio. Rear-facing bass ports compliment the front speakers and help provide very accurate positional awareness while gaming. The Razer Nommo Chroma comes with a USB connection for even better audio compared to a 3.5 mm jack.

Audio Test Track:
Robotaki – Together We’re Screwed

Background Music:
Fili – Smooth Rides

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  1. Dave2D

    Surprisingly good speakers from Razer. I wish my mic was better to pickup the actual audio quality though. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

  2. phillip johnson

    When you listen to a sound test for good speakers, on your shitty speakers.

  3. Mases

    To prevent the wobbling, you could stick some small neodymium magnets to the table and the speaker.

  4. Dibbstar

    Funny that the rgb one is less expensive then the one with out rgb 😂😂😂 you talk shit this video is shit I have the one with out rgb and I paid more for it

  5. KagemandenDK

    This is the last thing you want when talking good speakers.

  6. Rakan TS

    michael scarn: "and then you realize she's not your hoe.. nommo"

  7. KFJ

    What is the monitor dave is using at 2:45? Looks nice and sleek.

  8. Hunter

    That was fucking real ???!!!!!

  9. Tony D

    Whoa you wanted good speakers and well placed controls? Maybe next year!, Maybe the year after next year! Maybe the gameboy with have a backlit screen next year!

  10. slast85

    mate these are shit. Wish I didnt buy them.

  11. Daniel Entaltsev

    have my logitech Z623 with a bigg ass sub for the past 5 years love them to death

  12. Dragonovus

    THX certification doesn't mean much when Razer owns that THX company lol

  13. Epico Limeo

    n o i c e h e a d p h o n e s i n t r o the hexagon= d a n c e

  14. Doc Holliday

    Please do yourself a favor and go buy a amp/dac and pick your own passive bookshelf speakers….. picked up polk s20's mixed with a hifi FOSI setup.. It will fucking destroy these little pieces of shit… And you wont spend much more… and certainly not as much as Razers "premium" 500$ lol…. I mean the sky is the limit… You can spend more… but for gaming/MUSIC… I was able to spend 350 on POLK 6.5in S20's and Fosi with AMP/DAC on sale… The sound I get for games is earth shattering for a wide desk setup… The sound staging is unreal when listening to music and you are fully immersed. You can actually adjust the EQ without having it start to scale itself with treble when you crank the bass for "no distortion" … Do it your way! … And for the people that just don't like what I am saying and want to believe the "hype" … Please do yourself a favor and go buy the Razer instead…. You don't deserve what I speak of 😂

  15. Ascendeus

    When you're watching the review from your favorite tech reviewer while using the Razer Nommo Chroma to listen… XD

  16. Temp

    Doea it work with xbox

  17. Filip Mazur

    they are bigger than i expected. also they drop the price from chroma to 129.99

  18. Callaco

    I am using those right now (music) while typing this, can confirm, these sound amazing.

  19. -


  20. Anago Nago

    Still damn good speakers compared to other desktop speakers in 2020.

  21. basdfgwe

    When I saw these i thought they'd be smaller (for my minimalistic look).

  22. Ichi



    Do you think i should copy they're look
    Or would that just make me look like a copycat

  24. Scrublord

    Imagine buying this garbage when you can buy something like the Edifier R1280T for about $100 or the R1700BT for about $150

  25. Wei Zen Yang

    Had these and a pair of Edifier 1280T… Nommo sounded attrocious compared to that, crazy amount of sibilance, weak bass. Had to sell the Nommos second hand, tho they are compact and looks pretty nice. If you care about the sound, it's not a good buy anytime at $99.

  26. Sunny Lyndis

    Hey Dave could you do an update on a speaker video? I'm not an audio head, but most tv speakers suck and when at home I connect my laptop to my desktop (when using my MacBook pro). Sure I could plug in headphones, but I don't always want something in my ears or on my head. Any suggestions? Preferably something with decent sound, but not a wallet killer- maybe different pricing options for different budgets?

  27. dora

    Does it acts as a DAC for headphones when plugged in ? Do the knobs amplify the headphones sound ?

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