Laptops & Phones – Who’s the Worst for Customer Service?

Who has the best smartphone and best laptop customer support?Which company has the worst? Every brand has examples of TERRIBLE customer service. I’ve seen horror stories from every major tech brand out there, but some tend to be better and quicker at the process.

This is a cursory look at the varying levels of customer support in the industry. I’d love to dive WAY deeper in and get data on processing, repair and shipping times from the different brands. But that’s super hard to coordinate. Maybe in the future!

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  1. Dave2D

    Would you rather save money on a device and skimp on customer support? Or pay more for a product if it came with better service?

  2. iPhone 9 That the name will have Colored cable or USB Cable like Yellow or Orange Like For China or Holland with Higher Price by 150$. The iPhone 11 will not have a Cable at all.

  3. PhzR2

    Hey Dave, have you had any experience with HP warranty claims? I have a Spectre x2 that can't run the 3000×2000 resolution without developing a weird screen flickering issue.

  4. John Collins

    Samsung have their own support in the EU as another subscriber stated. But it is incredibly hard work. To get my Note 4 repaired in warranty , the receipt was not enough evidence for them. I had to get the supplier to issue me another receipt with the imei on it. The fact that despite the motherboard being replaced, it broke down again and the difficulty in getting customer care made me buy an iPhone 8 Plus. If I am paying for a sim free phone , I want to know I have good customer care. I bought an iPhone 5se in the past and returned it. But the return was stress free. I was willing to change brands and pay more to get the customer care I want. Thanks for looking into this for the consumer.

  5. Ben Turner

    Idk man Windows updates just bricked my 2017 Razer Blade two weeks outside of warranty and Razer offered to fix it under warranty anyways and they sent me a prepaid FedEx label. Pretty damn satisfactory if you ask me

  6. Vasilis Goumas

    Msi gs 63stelth pro.MSI has the most terrible agency in Greece.Two months without my laptop.They have broken my laptop several times and now my laptop is in Poland.So three months without my laptop and now they will bring it back to me with the scratches that Greek Agency did and no one can help me…So sad.I will never buy an MSI product again.

  7. nimaiiikun

    too bad about Razer. nice products but bad customer service ruins it.

  8. Laurenz

    Or do it like Vinci Hearable: your device is broken? We don't care, figure it out yourself how to fix it! We just dont know it either!

  9. Your video says Lenovo doesn't have a restocking fee, yet their website says they charge a 15% restocking fee like many others.

  10. Charging Krogan

    Samsung service is horrible across all their products. I've only had bad experiences with them. In one case they refused to fix a washing machine that was still under warranty but the paint was flaking so bad it was unusable. They didn't even bother to send someone out to take a look. Never buying another Samsung product. Apple and Dell are 100x better.

  11. This is a very interesting video, I’ve owned a lot of different products over the years. In the past few weeks I had to get the first Apple product ever sent in for repair, it was so easy. I wish that a few years back when I had problems with my galaxy phone I could say the same about Samsung but the lack of service from them was why I bought a iPhone next, I since have discovered many other benefits of the Apple eco system. No company is perfect but they do have pretty darn good service and a great integration between their devices.

  12. Michael Yee

    Not picking a OnePlus phone just for this reason: customer service. like the phone and its a great value but I cant trust this company. IMO, buying from the biggest companies, most well known are the best to choose from. dont kill me people

  13. PrkrMc

    That's why your videos are the best review videos online. Thanks for the hard work you put into your work. It's super informational and useful for the buyer.

  14. James Collins

    Samsung was sued by Apple in a FIVE YEAR litigation because Samsung stole key patented engineering elements from the iPhone. So it makes perfect sense that Samsung’s court-level evidence of clear lying and dishonesty caries over to one of the worst return policies in the world. I refuse to buy ANYTHING Samsung (refrigerators, stoves, ANYTHING) based on moral and ethical issues alone!! Good Job, Dave Lee, for revealing the outright ARROGANCE of Samsung. All they care about is making money and to hell with customer and consumer rights!!

  15. Hannessomething

    (off topic)
    Dave, I really think you make some of the best tech videos on YouTube.
    Great information, and the way you speak in your videos sounds really natural.
    And the visual quality is great too! Some people's 1440p/4K just looks like 1080p, or isn't perfectly in focus or doesn't have very well tuned colours, but your video quality is absolutely great! I can't really say anything about 4K, but I just bought a 1440p display and it definitely looks great!

  16. Henry

    I knew Dell and apple have the best customer service because their laptops are way more expensive. But when it comes to repair apple is by far the worst.

  17. Mr. P

    I found Dell to have incredible customer support. My XPS 9570 had something caught in the fan, so one of the bearings stopped working properly. I told them that under the circumstances, I couldn't send my laptop to a tech to get it fixed, because I have to use it all day every day. Two days and a 30 minute call with Dell later, a package with a new fan arrives! I replace the fan and repaste my CPU and GPU. I can safely say I've got the most incredible laptop available on the market, backed by fantastic support.

    Great job on the video, Dave! Thumb'd and Subb'd. 😀

  18. Jun Guo

    I just talked to Razer. They now provide you a prepaid label for shipping

  19. VirtualFunction

    Just paid £1499.99 for a Razer Stealth – absolutely awful service. From start to finish. Their system cancelled my order twice, after 3 days with support I placed an order, 4 days of waiting only to find the paint on the trackpad was chipped, I then got told it would be 24 hours to even give me a return label… STAY AWAY FROM RAZER.

  20. Hanzo Main

    Razer is the winner of worse costumer support by far in my opinion

  21. Zak Kadmiri

    apparently razer has recently improved their customer service after being under so much heat from customers.

  22. Ahmed Abdou

    Samsung is the worst customer service and specially if you bought your phone from another country so your warranty is not working! It’s your device you manufactured stupid Samsung!

  23. Son Thai

    My Dell XPS 13 9370 had a dead pixel. The service is amazing. U get it fixed at your home and the complete display gets exchanged. Sadly the other new displays also had a dead pixel. Now i am getting a new notebook replaced. In my opinion Dell has one of the best costumer supports. But they have to work a little on quality management. All in all very good!

  24. Love Angel

    Would it cost money in the US? Like to ship it back if it was defective or broken

  25. Lego Frogo

    All companies in china basically have shitty customer support and scammers. I cancelled an order because It took a month and they said its cancelled. Low and behold they ship it today. Fucking assholes

  26. Joel K

    Such a crucial aspect of owning any phone yet it’s rarely talked about. Would be interested in your take on Sony Xperia customer experience as I’ve had mixed results..🤔

  27. Boi Mesa

    U should call this BEST RETURN POLICY COMPANIES…
    Customer support is a far broader subject… Like the kind of support a company offers AFTER warranty.
    Support forums, general enquiries etcetcetc

    Please make a video on this subject 🙏

  28. Ayush Jajodia

    Hey guys,

    Greetings from India! how are you guys? hope you are keeping safe during these tough times. I am thinking of buying a Razer blade stealth 13" but i am only hesitant as Razer has no support in India. I would just like to know how good their products are in terms of reliability. I am super impressed with what they offer but i am not able to find a lot of info about how their product lasts over time. I am willing to take a risk considering how good their devices. Kindly let me know your thoughts about the same. Thank you in advance!

  29. Jaldeep Tipale

    There is a reason why people are such Apple fanbois. Even with all their flaws, they do give a F*#k about the user's experience.

  30. wowerman

    Why is it in USA you have restocking fee?In UK there is nothing like it.You return it and company sells item as B-STOCK or refurbrished cheaper.

  31. nami

    pay using PayPal. At least in Europe Paypal covers all return shipment costs after you actively signed up for this (free). Restocking free is not existent in Europe

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