LASER vs LED vs UST Projectors: 2023 Projector Buying Guide

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Capsule 3 Laser Projector 👉
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Nexigo Aurora PJ90 UST Projector 👉
Samsung Freestlye 👉

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These are four of the most interesting projectors on the market and are personally four of my favorite, but what are the differences between UST, LED, and Laser Projectors?

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0:00 Different Projectors
1:01 Projector #1
1:40 Projector #2
2:09 Projector #3
2:40 Projector #4
3:22 Lamp vs LED vs Laser vs UST
4:30 Picture quality comparison
8:00 Screens & Setups
10:35 Speaker Test
12:00 Features & Ports
14:14 Best Space Saver
15:00 Most Flexible
15:26 Best TV Replacement
15:37 Best For Casual Home Theaters

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  1. Douglas Castro

    Hi Mike, can we have the link for the projection screen you mentioned?

  2. Teddy Marines

    Awesome! Might need one of these for tailgates in the future!

  3. I know the vid is sponsored by Anker, so the Nebula needs to be in there, but I feel like Xgimi are superior in similar categories at this point. 🙂

  4. Ashish Desai

    Hey mike can you tell me what is best for long term sony headphone or AirPods Pro 2 for normal usage of a student ?

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