Laser vs Optical Mouse – Which Is Better for Gaming? [Simple Guide]

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There are two types of mice available today: laser and optical mice. But which type of mouse is best suited for gaming and can boost your aiming skills in the long term?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this video. The answer might surprise you!

0:00 Intro
0:40 How Do They Work?
1:13 Sensitivity
1:53 Accuracy
2:50 Price
3:47 Conclusion


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  1. Tfw your supposed good quality laser mouse doesn't work on any surface other than your desk. Doesn't even work on mouse pads.

  2. david dolidze

    Hello. I wonder which type of laser is more sensitive without any special placement on any surface, which one is more sensitive? laser or optical?

  3. I,m having a weird experience , i hace an old láser mouse, and it's just great, i recient buy an optic one and it's so anaccurate, not progressive and unpredictible. I think láser sucks but it will deppends of each mouse references.

    The optic Is a gamer tech gt1
    The láser Is a monster Abacus

  4. Mago

    I think optical mouse I think because it’s better on mouse pads and I use optical so yeah optical it goes and I just like it better. 🙂 <3

    Edit:I forgot to say tanks for helping me even when I already got a optical mouse before I watched and thing I did the right thing.

  5. Pete779

    0:25 I know this is random but how shit does your pc have to be when you play cs at 480p and only hit 50-60 fps

  6. JbJakers

    My mouse doesnt react to fast movements…fix?

  7. Death

    bruv i know this video old and shit but i dont think 16000 DPI is low on my G502 hero

  8. obama

    “$30-$90 range” lol I spent 170

  9. Ghost Warrior

    Which should i get for fps or fast paced games and no mouse acceleration

  10. V For Vergil

    Laser Mouses have more Dpi i have laser mouse and its good 4200dpi so accurate and cool.

  11. Ardinsky

    i'm using optical mouse with a smooth mousepad but when i flick it moves weird

  12. Olio

    I want to buy a new gaming mouse but I don't know if I should choose a laser sensor or an optical sensor

  13. Rajdeep Patil

    Thank you for the CONCLUSION 🙏💕…
    Also, Your voice is very Much SOOTHING. Loved it.

  14. SH4RK

    I can control my DPI with a button

  15. Snekky

    Is that really like Call of duty modern warfare 2/3 gameplay footage… in 2018? What?

  16. Letronix624

    just bought a optical mouse to replace my apart falling office laser mouse. i still have no mousepad but surely matt brown surface works right?

    i am going to buy a mousepad if it doesn't work well

  17. Horbiee

    i have bloody tl80 mice but it not work on mouse pad its work only wood table

  18. Tek Soup

    yeh settle for less kids, any mouse will just do.

  19. Wlageg

    I have a laser Mouse and it is definrtly better.

  20. Kevin Boss

    Why am i listening to a woman… saying both is equally good.. comon ffs say whats best and shut up

  21. Lolmg

    hmmmm, optical sensors is much much better than laser in my opinion
    because when in situations when you need to flick your mouse really quick, laser sensors cant really register fast movements and then the sensors go crazy
    while in the other hand, optical sensors are generaly better in this situations


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