Laughably Bad at $400: Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Review

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Video Index
00:00 – Welcome back to Hardware Unboxed
01:25 – Ad Spot
02:11 – GeForce RTX 4060Ti Introduction
04:46 – Fortnite
05:56 – Resident Evil 4
06:41 – A Plague Tale: Requiem
07:15 – F1 22 [DX12]
08:07 – Cyberpunk 2077
08:36 – Dying Light 2 Stay Human
09:00 – Watch Dogs: Legion
09:25 – Forza Horizon 5
09:55 – Total War: Warhammer III
10:20 – Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered
10:44 – Hogwarts Legacy
11:12 – Halo Infinite
11:35 – The Last of Us Part I
12:31 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
12:56 – Hitman 3
13:16 – Power Consumption
13:51 – 15 Game Average (1080p)
14:12 – 15 Game Average (1440p)
14:27 – 15 Game Average (4K)
14:40 – Cost Per Frame (MSRP)
15:57 – Cost Per Frame (Newegg)
17:23 – What the 4060Ti Should Cost?
18:00 – Temps and Clocks
19:02 – The issues with 8GB of VRAM (In-Game Performance)
25:07 – Final Thoughts

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060Ti Review, Laughably Bad @ $400

Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown or mentioned in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed

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This Post Has 34 Comments

  1. Bannedchan

    Im stuck with a 8 year+ old card and horrific UK prices. Was set on a 6700 xt, but despite how bad it is, the 4060s much lower energy cost is tempting. But then again UK prices will have the thing at £500+ and delete any savings 😅

  2. Ozzy InFeRno

    Hardware Unboxed kicking up so much rightful stink on this shit product that Nvidia gunna slowly remove them from getting any more review samples 🤣

  3. encarnación

    A new graphics card that will make your games look worse than a console. I shudder at the thought 💀

  4. Wudruff Wildcard

    I am pretty sure that NVidia will close down their gaming GPU division rather sooner than later.

    We customers are just poor ungrateful kids to them, that are not willing to pay any price for silicon as the AI customers do.

    There is just not enough profit margin to be made with us poor ungrateful bastards. 50% isn't enough! 🤷‍♂

  5. GooseBuster

    I feel like we've been sleepwalking into this stranglehold by Nvidia. It's absurd when the only reasonable value proposition rests at the top end of the spectrum with the RTX 4090 (which I bought). The rest of the stack is literally there to press you onto the next tier of product, with the 4060ti and 4080 being DoA.

    Great video, glad to see that the major reviewers are singing from the same hymn sheet on this one!

  6. mroller88

    Imagine spending 400+ on a card that cant run 1080p Ultra 😐

  7. Darren S

    I came here to see the review but ended up being impressed by my RX 6600 basically matching an RTX 2070! 😂 AMD driver updates really did a good job, damn. I'll only upgrade when I HAVE to

  8. Sinshine

    There are people DEFENDING 8GB cards? Well… that's just stupid lol.

  9. MetalMilkMan

    Hmmm, I wonder if you adjust it for inflation from q4 2020, I think the 3060 is still better value for money.


    You guys have turned into laughable trash. Just can't get off the bashing of Nvidia for views concept can yah? Way to go though you got GN to comment. Your moving on up….

  11. iZen13

    Probably the worst card ever given it’s situation and predecessor.

  12. AJ Gamer

    Is sidegrading from 3060ti to 4060ti any better than sidegrading from GTX 1080 to RTX 2060 SUPER? 😬

  13. Bern L

    What next Nvidia will limit x2 PCI lanes I need 32 MB bus. In their infinite wisdom.

  14. Nothing surprising from Nvidia.

    If they were to run a farm house. they would be superbly efficient in milking cows..

  15. Richard Martin

    C'mon Nvidia…. Everyone knows what your doing here, the 16gb is the 4060Ti, the 8 gb is the 4060 and the 4060 is actually the 4050Ti, your sliding the naming of GPU's again, I didn't want to buy this generation but I see I chose AMD wisely, my xtx was still $200 more than it should have been but it was $200-$300 less than the 4080 I didn't buy, I'm voting with my wallet and i have to say i'm enjoying team reds software for ease of use.

  16. Marco Pazzi

    I can't believe that the 4090 was an acual good buy, when I was getting it I just went with instinct. Now it turns out that is the only product in the 40 that had an acual good leap Gen over Gen 😭

  17. Bart Dierickx

    I've spend 500€ on a 8GB HBM (!) VRAM Vega 64 back in 2017. 6 year later you'll get the same amount of VRAM for 100€ less… great job Nvidia…

  18. S. B.

    and RAY TRACING!!!! on 1080p and 40.555fps!!!! Boom!!!

  19. Malinus302

    This really reminds me of the 1060 3GB/6GB, but iirc pascal has decent generational uplift and price to performance.

  20. Juno

    HWU and GN both have perfect titles for what transpired here.

  21. Shibe Doge

    I feel like it's a bad time to build a PC right now

  22. MrAckers75

    Who knew that when you bought a 3060ti you got a 4060ti for free what a bargain!

  23. The Digital Lens

    Either nvidia will be discontinuing the 3060 series or the 4060 ti 8gb once 16gb version launches.

    Even from marketing point of view, how was this passed?

  24. realhcok

    i love you. thank you for being among the few to really make the situation clear to consumers.

  25. Bobby Boucher

    Lmao, can’t wait for everyone’s apology videos soon enough

    Waits for driver updates

    Oh, what do you know

  26. Booker T

    Hey Steve, Please make video on AMD Burnout issue.

  27. Wow I never expected to see PCs limiting game developers when it comes to texture quality.

  28. Im so jealous of these channels..
    I want a founders edition card Soooo badly…
    They just look sooooo much better.
    And we just cant get them… Only these damn channels

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