Layers of Fear (2023) – 11 Biggest Changes You Need To Know

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Silent Hill is back with Bloober Team working on a remake of the critically acclaimed Silent Hill 2. How that will ultimately pan out remains to be seen, but it’s looking gorgeous. It’s also working on a new survival horror IP published by Private Division, which isn’t out until 2025, but maybe we’ll see an announcement before the year is out.

In the meantime, Bloober Team, along with Anshar Studios, has…Layers of Fear. You’re probably wondering if this is the same as the 2016 first-person psychological horror title, which brought more attention to Bloober Team’s potential (for better or worse). With a release date of June 15th, what can fans expect? What are some differences between it and the first game in the series? Here are 11 of the biggest changes you should know about.


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  1. schwolmart

    They're really remaking these? I loved the first one.

  2. Budd631

    It wasn’t that great of a game. Maybe worth a playthrough but not much happens. You have no threat of actually dying and losing progress. Outside of YouTube “reactions” this game was ehhh

  3. miracleflame

    NO FRIGGIN' ALIASING AND SHIMMERING 🙂 is the very first, last and the most important difference you should have mentioned.

  4. azure giant

    Hang on, I thought this rehash of LoF 1 &2 was supposed to be called a layer of Fears? Now it’s simply Layers of Fear? I wish the new(ish) release could have had more of a defined title, to set it apart.

  5. Shaolin Punk

    I'm not buying any more games 'cos I have to buy them again and again arghhhhhhhhhhhh

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