LEARN from MY MISTAKES!!! πŸ‘‰ POWERFUL ALL Intel Creator PC in 12.4l SFF Case [Feat. Fractal Ridge]

Building a small & powerful ALL Intel Creator PC in Fractal Ridge- COMPLICATIONS! ❗ Sponsor Message from CCL ❗ βœ“ Get all …


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  1. Tech Notice

    NB! I've left budget alternative parts in the description if you're interested in saving money of certain parts (LIKE THE SUPER EXPENSIVE MOBO) haha πŸ˜‰

  2. YKguy

    Just want to say that the SF750 can handle up to 967W, and is extremely quiet even compared to ATX units. It is the best choice for SFX psu
    Also SP850 is quite dangerous, they have been seen exploding numerous times

  3. YKguy

    I love how the ridge looks πŸ™‚

  4. Dave

    Nice .. me like, any update on the ARC 770 for video editing benchmark? And also will you do reviwe of the AMD xoD when it is lunched , was going to upgrade to a intel 13gen but now i want to know abut the AMD if it is any good for video editing.

  5. Lambo Legacy

    Your content is always great, it never disappoints. Thanks for such great contents dude πŸ™‚

  6. Robin Visser

    Noctoa put a great compatibilty chart on their website, telling you this: High-Clearance mode only (fan on top).

    Compatible in orientation 1 only.

    LGA 1700 mounting-kit included since 11/2021;)

  7. patrick771

    Iβ€˜d love to see more affordable builds, this one is quite expensive …

  8. The Game Bench

    The Ridge is a definite improvement over the older Node 202. I built in one of those way back and it was a hot box, and much more constricting in many ways. I'd really like to a build in one of these. And… not nessisarily a change I would make, but an alternative suggestion. The ID Cooling IS-55 is quite a bit smaller than the L12 , doesn't overhang the RAM, and it performs just as well as the L12… plus, it has RGB is you want it and it comes in black. Also, I'd love to see a comparison between NVIDIA and Arc for video editing.

  9. patrick771

    Please also check the fan noise during web browsing/office/YouTube tasks … that would be very interesting.
    I don’t mind when the PC gets louder during excessive work but it should be very quiet or silent when watching YouTube videos or writing πŸ™‚
    Great video, thanks!

  10. AL Rizo

    We can now appreciate the skills of Optimum Tech when working with ITX builds. It must be pretty damn frustrating needing to remove everything again when you can't fit one component.

  11. In generel intel ark would be not bad for twinmotion, enough vram, good raytracing, but i still don't know if it can run the pathtracer.

  12. Jose Davila

    Great video! But we all know iNtel ARC is trash!!!!

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