You are currently viewing Learn HTML5 – full course with code samples

Learn HTML5 – full course with code samples

This course is the quickest way to learn the basics of HTML. Watch it here on YouTube or check out the interactive version at Scrimba, where you’ll be able to play with the code as well:

HTML is one of the core building blocks on the web, as it’s what holds the content on all the websites you visit. Thus, HTML is a must-have skill for all web developers.

While HTML is a huge subject, the basics can be learned quickly. This course aims at taking you from absolute beginner to proficient in HTML in less than an hour. Throughout the lectures, you’ll be building a neat-looking website from scratch together with the brilliant instructor Eric Tirado.

Get the ‘index.css’ file from this course here:

What you’ll learn in this web development html crash course:

– Intro to web architecture (0:00)
– HTML documents (4:25)
– Nesting (7:19)
– Head elements and scripts (11:23)
– Layout elements (17:33)
– Figure and image elements (20:28)
– Embedding videos (26:54)
– Navbar and list items (31:12)
– Headings (34:05)
– Text formatting (36:04)
– Tables (42:15)
– Links and final touches (49:27)

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  1. Sehrish Balouch

    So does this video not the final edited version? Because he says sentences again and again in the video and abruptly stops and then redoes something…

  2. Jack Bauer

    why is there CSS in here but never explained? Why is hamburger menu showing, without even mentioning Bootstrap? This is a fail!

  3. Steve

    Not how I would make HTML5

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  5. VASIL

    Almost 3 weeks studying Html and Css, but in this tutorial I think he did not explain well, because I got lost in so many times

  6. K Lol

    how do i get the programs

  7. HE is risen

    What are you using to build this? This video is supposed to be for absolute beginners. Every coding/programming video I watch doesn't explain anything about compilers/IDEs, but just expects beginners to know what software, etc., to use to build with. Please start at the VERY BEGINNING: Here's the program I'm using to build this, here's where you need to start. This video is useless to me because I don't even know where to begin.

  8. Xesius Prime

    think you jumped over the part where you add anything to css… because i couldnt understand why my purple screen wasnt working, and why i couldnt add classes for white or green or red etc

  9. Subhadip Sur

    This tutorial is like, who comes to learn html, knows css already.

  10. Kaustav Dutta

    Couldn't find a single class in the index.css and the linked all.css file in the index.css file which has a definition for a "white" class.

  11. John B

    Thanks – thorough explanation or the essentials in an easy to understand, engaging format. I appreciate the links to the source files.💻

  12. Diane Webb

    Doesn't work with Sublime Text. Something in your code is buggy for use with Sublime. It's like it doesn't even recognize you have a stylesheet. I came to see if I could grab some HTML tips I don't already know, but this is definitely not aimed at beginners. I would have quit coding if this was the beginner class I would have had, frustrating learners on a basic beginner course is the quickest way to make them feel like they can't learn code. Learners shouldn't have to try to diagnose issues in the code you are teaching them. If it only works in Scrimba, then direct people to that application only. I'd take a look at this video and the css you added in git and figure out why so many are having issues with this tutorial.

  13. Khalid Temsamani

    for the ppl who didnt like this explanation well yt is full of shitty courses that you will like

  14. Jen L

    Tried as a refresher, but stopped this video almost immediately. Typos in the first few minutes are not a good sign. And leading off with linking a css doc is really weird. Beginners, look elsewhere.

  15. Ali Haider

    Index.css is not working with Visual Studio Code, I am using Firefox to get the preview. Kindly Advice!

  16. Crackhead gamer

    i have to learn html bc im learing how to hook browsers with beef so both usefull skills ig

  17. Spencer Arnold

    Warning, default index.css on github does not produce results from video. Course also not geared to httpd based servers. avoid.

  18. josue dehoyos

    So when building a website is it best to have everything have it's own file??

    For example I am build a website for my business and my tabs are Home, Service, Contact, Blog.

    Would I need to create an individual html file for those specific tabs or just place it all under one file?

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