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Learn React with Kent C. Dodds

Learn the basics of React in this live stream from Kent C. Dodds.

💻He goes over material from his Learn React GitHub Repo:


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  1. Thank you a lot.
    Very few people teach the "under the hood" logic, and a lot of learners out there (me included), lack this knowledge.

  2. Nahom Biniam

    i have been working with react for the last 6 months but this video gives me helpful tips. thank you

  3. robert chingambu

    Great video i like the way you teach. always try to make the fonts bigger on your text editor

  4. Timmortal

    I need to know how to run react.js from npm first, lots of tutorials skip that part, tragic!!

  5. Xtaticmadeit

    video, but i still dont know how to install react through npm after watching many videos…

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