Legion Y520 Review – Lenovo’s Best Laptop For $850

Dave2D review of the Lenovo Y520 – One of the best gaming laptop options starting at $850 with GTX 1050 Ti
Lenovo Y520 – http://amzn.to/2oFBFnU
Blue SSD – http://amzn.to/2kKatOh

Laptop GPU Benchmarks – https://youtu.be/wEb0mWN5-gE
Lenovo Website – http://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/ideapad/lenovo-legion-y-series-laptops/c/legion-y-series

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  1. Dave2D

    <$1000 Gaming Laptop comparison video soon. One of the laptops has had a super important update. So stay tuned.
    Might give something away again =) Be subscribed and follow on twitter/IG for details!
    Thanks for the support 2D fam

  2. Natalia Lim

    Which specs is better and durable? Lenovo y520 (gtx 1060 maxQ) or msi gl63-8re (gtx 1060) ? Both have same primary internal space of 1TB.

  3. Anthony Mendoza

    I’ve been very happy with this laptop for the past 3 years! Only bad thing is the terrible battery life I’ve gotten out of it.

  4. L3TYS :D

    I have shis notebook 2 years maybe 1,5 i bought battlefield 1 and it laging on low i have the i5 version do you have any tips how to make my notebook faster i want new PC but I don´t have money.

    Thanks for response. (sorry for my english its not my main language)

  5. quaxii

    i want that laptop im not quaxii im icey lion

  6. Maryam Afeefa

    Beware. This laptop gets really really hot when playing games! 😀

  7. nikodem747

    mam tego złoma nie polecił bym go nawt najgorszemu wrogowi pozdro z PL

  8. Vaibhav Jha

    Got this laptop after seeing your video in 2017 and I should have evaluated the cons better. Performance was nice but what am I gonna do with it if the laptop is broken. The hinge design was so bad that it broke, it still working but is wobbly. The build quality is so bad. I am a person who takes care of his tech and yet this bad boy managed to break at places and even the power button is broken now too. The fan noise is annoying and for some it reason it is loud even when idle. And even though it still is in warranty, the customer support wouldn't fix it, they even told me to get it fixed by a third party. Wouldn't recommend this any lenovo laptop as they all have really bad build quality but would recommend DAVE, frikking legend.

  9. Alex Mihai

    I had to change to change 2 chargers for this laptop + the keyboard + it needs a ssd since the hdd will run so fucking slow that it makes the windows run like shit . That's about 300$ . FUCK LENOVO .

  10. mike poblete

    what kind of upgrades who can you do on a y520? ram,ssd?

  11. Frog/Life S

    Don't buy it. As someone who owns it it sucks ass. Worked fine for 1 year then it started lagging out of nowhere. I didn't download anything and I've just been playing csgo. Now it lags like hell and my shit glitches. 0/10 don't reccomend buy another gaming laptop.

  12. Yoissef

    I got this laptop and 5 months in some keyboard buttons stopped working. I took it to the company since i had a warranty and it took a month to fix it and they told me it was due to high heat so i started using the extreme cooling fans but then after another 6-7 months in the keyboard broke again so i decided to get an external keyboard. I checked online and I found out that my problem was already a problem with other Y520 users. Other than some keyboard keys not working, it works fine

  13. wewli

    I really dont care that the extreme cooling is loud becouse i play on high volume

  14. Silversky555

    After 22months of having this laptop the hinge broke. Hinge definitely is the big problem on this laptop


    Is $600 for this laptop used, a good price? I want to use it for music production software and some gaming, just want to make sure I'm not over paying or if I can get something better in the $400-600 price range.

  16. Jose Crack Lol

    So i have the smae pc i think but my keyboard doesn’t light up

  17. Akshay Raina

    does anyone else have an issue of screws falling off on their own

  18. I'm not agree , this PC are just bad , i have it since 2 years and 3 month and i've got many problem The battery and hard drive cover is cracked, I didn't see it when I bought it.

    I have beeps, despite the RAM change I still have them.

  19. Arko


  20. Martinus

    i have a y520 its old now so it can hardly run 720p on yt

  21. Wali Khan

    the screen of this laptop goes bad within a year or so..

  22. Skarrin

    Geez How did we even consider buying laptops looking like these 4 years ago

    We have evolved

  23. PhantomTD

    Got this laptop in 2018 after watching this video. i7, 256gb m.2+2tb and 1050 ti. Still works like a charm! Cyberpunk is the hardest game so far, but it runs pretty stable at about 30 fps. Yesterday i upgraded the SSD to a 1tb. 1050 ti is enough for most games at 1080p 60fps.
    Thanks Dave!

  24. What kind of ethernet cord does it use? It looks too wide for the cord I have and I don't want to accidentally break anything. Probably already did…

  25. Chirag

    Thanks, YouTube, for recommending this to me in 2021

  26. Hamza Wjsi

    Lol my gpu failed on this piece of trash laptop after only 3 years with moderate gaming with fans always on during gaming

  27. unsigned

    I still have this laptop.Anyone else?

  28. Laxmikant Pawar

    I have been using this Laptop from past 3 years .Hinges become hard .Due to this the plastic body cracks @ hinges .

  29. can i ask is if this laptop is still worth it today ? planning to buy but only secondhand not brandnew.

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