Legion Y730 Review – Lenovo Nailed It

My review of the Lenovo Legion Y730. A well priced gaming laptop with great build quality.
Available Here – https://amzn.to/2zmawuj

With an i7-8750H and up to a GTX 1050 Ti. The Legion Y730 from Lenovo has strong performance and has a thin bezeled screen. It is very well built for the price and has some of the best RGB laptop lighting in the industry.

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  1. Dave2D

    A more premium version of the Y530. I hope they put a more powerful GPU inside soon. Thanks for watching!

  2. Alog Umaalog

    This is worth it in 2020?๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜… Can you recommend less than 1000$ gaminf laptop. Thanks

  3. Dulan Fernando

    @Dave, is this laptop worth buying in late 2019, or please suggest good alternatives for the same budget. Thanks,

  4. Potato Gang

    Is it color accurate for adobe editing purposes? What is the srgb and rgb?

  5. Kamil Zarzycki

    I'm not sure why your reviews always have the biggest numbers of views. I mean, I like your way of reviewing, but your reviews are incomplete. I came here to know the quality of screen, refreshing rate and how bright it is, and I have to search further.

  6. Sudip Ghosh

    Hey Dave, Can you review the Lenovo Ideapad S540?

  7. Kneecaps

    WiFi card died after just over a fucking year. Won't buy another Lenovo product.

  8. Why are so many Youtube channels that do those kind of reviews often forget to present the sound?! For me it's important that the laptop doesn't sound cheap / thin (tinny). I've bought an expensive DELL XPS 15 and it has such a bad audio quality that I want to sell it straight away. Also: Is it normal that this laptop has no LAN-access? I'm a youtuber and need a LAN cable for my livestreams. Also no number pad, bad camera and just two USB-slots. What a mess ๐Ÿ™

  9. katherine

    why is the amazon link to the laptop have a 2 star lol

  10. V V

    Please help…my lenovo legion y730 is on battary.. the voltage is 12.68 V and when on charging the voltage increase to 13.2 V. Is it normal? I check this on Lenovo vantage.

  11. L10R

    Sad it doesn't has rtx 2060 and the y530 has

  12. Hello World

    Hello brother , I want to ask you about how to set original RGB light on Lenovo Legion Y730?

  13. Manatee Madness

    Very late to the party here, but I bought a Y730 after watching this review and many others. Here are some of my thoughts

    Out of the box, yeah, things run smooth and great. Nice clean look. Webcam is basically useless where it is, but I don't use webcams anyway. If I want to video chat, I use my iPhone.

    However, performance out of the factory and performance months after purchase are DRASTICALLY different. I don't really play AAA games with ultra 4k graphics, yet this thing still sounds like a jet engine when playing something like Minecraft or Skyrim. And in general, this thing freezes up A LOT. I had an issue where I got a blue screen of death a few months ago, and I haven't even owned this laptop for a year. I got it around November or December 2019. Performance dropped to unacceptable levels for the price and specs this thing has within 6 months of use, most of which has been spent WATCHING games, not even playing them myself.

    Chrome freezes all the time, Steam freezes all the time, EVERYTHING stops responding because the CPU is having a heart attack seemingly EVERY DAY for me now. And I am a broke college student, I did a fuckton of work around the house and sold a bunch of my stuff to get enough money for this thing, and honestly it has been a huge letdown, but I can't really replace it because I have no money. Its performance is unacceptable for how much it costs and how new it still is. I don't spill soda on this thing, I don't run games that need a $4k PC to run, I don't do anything crazy. I play pretty low-mid end games and I watch stuff on YouTube and Twitch, which seems to have put MASSIVE strain on this laptop.

    I would really like to see someone do reviews on these systems after owning them for a few months or a year. Because this review is accurate for out of the box performance. I was impressed, yeah, that it ran all my games really well, even ones with pretty intensive graphics. But I don't think I even went a month before I started having issues with performance or the CPU going into cardiac arrest. It just sucks. Don't be tempted by the great out-of-the-box reviews, save a little more and buy something that stands the test of time. It'll be worth way more than this thing.

  14. Deepa S

    Why is lenovo not considering the battery life ???

  15. Krubz

    You know why I have the Lenovo Y530 and not the Y730?

    IT GOT A 300โ‚ฌ DISCOUNT

  16. Hi, do you think it is still OK in 2020? I like it a lot and I think that the build is really good. My only concern is that it will be very outdated in 3-4 years.

  17. OK Dave if they nailed how come it still donโ€™t have a swappable GPU like the Area 51M? Why is the cpu not an i9? Do tell.

  18. Ravi Peiris

    I appreciate rgb lighting (& all aluminum build) as I like keyboard lighting, in general, so as to work at night time or low light situations as well as to minimal eye ๐Ÿ‘€ fatigue,

    Ravi Peiris M.D.

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