Lenovo Smart Display Review

The Lenovo Smart Display is an inexpensive but highly useful piece of tech for students and back to school.
Available Here – https://amzn.to/2o9cYOs

Running the Google Assistant, the 8″ or 10″ Displays have great speakers and can be used for webcamming, showing photos, watching videos, schedules, making reminders, setting alarms. There is so much stuff that can be done on this 200 dollar device.

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  1. Dave2D

    #1 – this video wasn't sponsored by anyone
    #2 – this device isn't anything like a phone unless your phone has an 8" screen and great 10W speakers
    #3 – i would have LOVED something like this in my dorm when i was a student. A google assistant with a big screen like this is awesome to me

  2. Hezza

    so all it is, is an expensive alarm clock with a voice assistant for $200, if youre not using it for watching videos and webcam because its not good? you can get an amazon fire tablet that does the same for like $50 which as a student is so much more affordable, still has the voice assistant and you can take it about with you 🤔

  3. Dave i know this is irrelevant for the video, but do you mind sharing the name of those dope fluorescent lights you use as floor lamps? Looks so clean

  4. Charles Q. Jin

    I'm not a student now, but since I looking backwards to my student life, idk why i need this – like always static sitting in my room where i maybe just stay for sleeping? I mean, i won't spend a lot time at home instead of going to library or class, or woking which seems useless and someone else's reply is the thing that hey is there anything my phone could not do, or my laptop/tablet doesn't do well?

  5. Hi Dave Lee, can you make a video or at least try to give me suggestions for a reliable laptop that can run Autodesk Revit for under $700? I know its way to low budget but I'm still a student so I can't afford anymore than that. Hope this reaches you, I'm a huge fan of your channel by the way. 😁

  6. Mike Misbach

    "This is way better than the google home because of the screen"

    "I don't like any of the features that utilize the screen"

  7. MiningBlock

    This thing looks like trash, didn't Amazon just come out with Alexa show which is basically the same exact thing except for $130 and with better support since it's an alexa product? What exactly makes this a student device anyway? When I roll out of bed, I'm not going to watch youtube on this shit, I'll just use my laptop or phone, this thing is just a worse version than that

  8. That webcam would be pretty useful for when you're in the kitchen cooking and you get a call. Also, is it only used for video calls? I wonder if it would be possible to have a feature that would let you start a call on your phone and then continue it on the Smart Display and vice versa; that would be interesting.

  9. gggeshh

    google assistant is not a good interface for music play. It cannot multi-task, so instead of saying "hey google, play my playlist and suffle it" or "hey google play my playlist and volume 5 %". I'm sick of saying "Hey google, play the playlist" "Hey google, suffile it" "Hey google, skip this song"

  10. hmmm

    *yawn*…sell something that you actually believe is useful instead of this glorified junk.

    No matter how hard you try, you can't create a good promotion for a device that is intrinsically *crap*. Oh, this video is going to somewhat hurt your credibility.

  11. heinhtet aung

    Really, Dave?? I've fond of and found useful to almost all of your tech vids, but this is something questionable to me. For a full-time college student like me who don't spend much time staying home for more than sleeping hours, I can't relate how that thing sitting at a corner in my room be beneficial and effective to my studies whilst I can use any of those features on my smartphone or my laptop.

  12. SURYA N

    What is the display in back, it looks pretty good

  13. Jharub

    Dude, you were my favorite tech channel among mkbhd, what the hell happened? this video is pure garbage, why is this for students? What is this anyway? I am thinking of unsubscribing really.

  14. Low Profile

    Love your review! Honest, coming from the heart and straight to the point. Job well done!

  15. I would prefer a 200$ smartphone. I can do more with it and it's more portable for students that this one.

  16. Jason Lai

    "|If you don't use those services, you can use it as a clock. It looks pretty good"
    Well now. Never would I have thought I wanted an expensive tablet speaker thing as a clock.

    Though I'll have to agree with you, it DOES look good.

  17. tminus543

    Are you people gadget people or not???? Yes, there's other devices with more utility or more versatile. But this isn't the point. Why NOT have this as your Google assistant??? It looks cool and beats the pants off a boring ass Google speaker.

  18. drazen miskovic

    ive been using the lenovo yoga as this for ages, as a frame with time, weather, animated background, reminder, internet radio etc.

  19. drazen miskovic

    why call it all the time as a student thing, it can be literally for absolutely anyone,as a bedside, or in the hallway as a reminder, multimedia device etc. In short words, its just a tablet with a stand, thank you, photo frame kind of a thing.

  20. Khue Truong

    It's really good and very helpful for students or some students like me. I just received mine, you can use it as a smart clock, alarm, timer, smart calendar, photo displayer, definition and image searcher. All can be controlled within seconds by talking to Google Assistant without any physical action. The speaker sounds really comparable to other expensive wireless speakers, really good and loud, especially for exciting moments. It's fast and really sensitive with "Hey/ok google" phrase. It's true that students would be fine without the smart display but it's well worth it if you willing to spend.

  21. Henlar

    I'm a student and all I need is a pen and a piece of paper lol, thank you but no thank you

  22. YsP01s


  23. Cambaudio

    Automatic thumbs up without watching the video because of that awesome fucking intro. Well done D2D!

  24. Alexandre

    I was waiting things "for the student" until the end.

  25. Nathan Budd

    Can you cast content from my phone app to this device? Especially YouTube videos.

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